Monday 9 July 2012

Topshop wants | what I'm lusting after...

What is it with Topshop at the moment? Without wanting to turn into the urban dictionary equivalent of a Topshop clone I can't seem to get enough of the place. I partly blame the gorgeous Anna for looking absolutely babelicious in this Topshop peplum ensemble that it has made my desire to purchase it even more so. Throw in a bit of jewellery and a slouchy top and you pretty much have this months wish list done and dusted! Phew.

I own one Topshop blush in head over heels and I absolutely bloomin' love it. The formulation, the colour pigmentation, the longevity is right up my street all for only £6. I love anything with a pink/coral tone to it so this little number in Neon Rose looks perfect. The peplum top was sold out when I went online. I saw this on Anna's blog and matched with the necklace she chose this is the perfect combo! I am hoping this is re-stocked soon or I may have to keep an eye out for a similar one. I love a slouchy top and this one albeit rather pricey for what it is grabbed my attention straight away, the fact it hangs lower at the back meaning your bottom half is tucked away nicely appeals to me. How cute is this little phone purse? Not only does it hold your phone it has a little credit card and change compartment, perfect for those that like to carry as little as possible aka me on a night out, only issue is where to put the lippy ay?