Thursday 12 July 2012

Purity Conditioning Cleanser Lotion | Review

Purity UK conditioning cleansing lotionPurity UK cleansing lotion reviewPurity cleansing lotion review
When the queen of makeup Lisa Eldridge recommends a product then you know its bound to be a winner, right? Purity is a brand which I was none too familiar with but when I was given the opportunity to test out a few of their products I was intrigued. After reading a tad more about the brand itself I was pretty darn impressed. Not only is Purity a British brand but it basically boasts 'intelligent' ingredients whereby 98% of them are naturally grown. No nasty's in this brand so to speak! I was keen to test out product of the month 'the conditioning cleansing lotion'* which is designed to break down and remove makeup effectively. Being a Bioderma girl I was a little wary about trading in my go-to product and replacing it with a cream based cleanser as I can find the latter can be a tad messy in comparison. After a little fight with the pump style applicator which I am assuming I got a dud as it did not work no matter how hard I tried and aside from squirting it in an upwards direction I ended up resorting to pouring the product into my palms. The consistency is rather runny but when applied to the face is absolutely fine. I worked it around my entire face in circular motions leaving the eye area to last to avoid putting mascara all over my face. I then took a clean cotton pad and removed all the product. 2-3 cotton pads is suffice and about the same amount I would use with Bioderma anyway. The incredible thing about this product is how well it removes waterproof mascara something I struggle with using Bioderma. Seriously a couple of sweeps and its gone. Plus no irritation when applied to the eye area, bonus! With heavier makeup you may need a couple of applications but I found that it removed a majority of my makeup before giving my skin a deep cleanse with my usual Chanel cleanser. The good thing about these products is that they all retail at less than a tenner which is pretty reasonable compared to some good cleansers on the market. Aside from the dodgy applicator, this is the perfect go-to product in my personal opinion and if its good enough for Lisa then its good enough for us right :-).

Purity is available to purchase in selected Superdrug stores and online at
All their products are priced at £10 or less!

*PR Sample