Sunday 22 July 2012

Sunday Pampering | My Routine

Who doesn't love a bit of Sunday self indulgence? Whilst my boyfriend goes to work I like to spend a Sunday utilising my time productively with a bit of 'me' time. This usually involves wine at some point and a cheeky chapter of 50 shades (yes, shame on me!) but it also involves a plethora of products to make me feel a tad better about the week ahead... 

Firstly I start with cleansing my face. To give it a good deep down thorough cleanse I have been reaching for Purity deep conditioning cleanser. Using the Lisa Eldridge approach I will do this twice to ensure all the last dregs of makeup have been removed. Next step is a good exfoliating scrub. I recently was sent the Purity deep pore cleansing scrub which has just enough beads to ensure it gets rid of any nasty dead skin and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. 

After this commotion I will wash my hair which generally involves leaning over the bath with the shower head and giving it a good wash with my Aussie shampoo and conditioner. I will then coat my hair in lashings of Aussie 3 miracle treatment, wrap in a warm towel and proceed with preparing a bath. This is after I have cleaned the bath of the hair that I have shed (glamorous hey?).

Next is onto the best bit. Sinking back into a nice warm bath with lashings of my favourite Japanese Spa bubbles. This usually takes place with a large glass of wine by the side and my favourite Bahoma candle in Seduction flickering in the background. Sounding a bit like an erotic novel now but I assure you its far less glamorous in reality ha! I tend to use the time in my bath to apply a face mask. I recently got the chance to try the new clay masks from Montagne Jeunesse which I have to say are a strange little concept. Basically they are a fabric mask enriched with clay which you mold to the shape of your face. I did not find these dried as normal clay masks however this could have been down to the excess of heat and steam whilst I was in the bath. But they do a good job of really cleaning out my pores,  they smell pretty enticing and I can be safe in the know that they are packed full of natural ingredients. 

After I have finished relaxing, with my face mask still in tact I will then exfoliate my entire body which usually involves a variety of poses whilst doing a balancing act in the bath. I find that the Sanctuary's body scrub does the job perfectly and leaves my skin silky smooth. I usually take this opportunity to give my legs a good shave and any other conspicuous areas... Afterwards once I have finished I tend to wash all my face mask over the sink, the good thing about these masks is that a majority of the job is done for you when you remove the fabric then its just a case of rinsing the residue. Then its over the bath again to rinse out the conditioner. I will then apply lashings of L'occitane's almond oil over my damp skin, hop into my PJ's and start with my skincare. On a Sunday night I like to keep things simple so its usually a quick spritz of Caudalie beauty elixir patted into the skin and then a sweep of Alpha H liquid gold and I am good to go. 

If I am feeling extra adventurous then I may give myself a quick mani and tidy up any stray eyebrow hairs but generally this has been done beforehand and after an epic pampering session I am ready to snuggle under the duvet and catch up on a mountain of YouTube videos and blog posts which is pure luxury!

Products mentioned:
Imperial Leather Japanese Spa

Phew, that was a long one! Do you have a routine you like to stick to at the weekend? Any must have products I should consider adding?

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