Monday 29 April 2013

Top Beauty Sites You Should Visit

Suffice to say I love a bit of online shopping. Often more than I should. And more often than not I am presented with a 'sorry we missed you' card through the letter box with the excitement of what it could be. When it comes to beauty, I tend to use the high street to swatch and then scour the net to see whether any online bargains can be had, thats if my patience has not got the better of me. With shopping online it can be swings and roundabouts in terms of savings, taking into account postage and whether you are willing to wait for the item. But over my time blogging I have added a rather hefty bookmark of sites under my belt, and with a majority of them offering free postage whats not to love. 

1. Beauty Bay -  Probably the most viewed site in my browser. This offers free delivery to the whole of the UK and is dispatched pretty quickly despite advising it can take up to a week. They often have sales on so you can usually save a few pence on top brands and products alike. 

2. Fragrance Direct - If you are after bargains then this is your stop. With Essie polishes for £1.99  (yes, you heard right) and over 50% off all products its definitely worth a peruse. OK, you won't find the most up to date of products on this site but its worth a look if you are working on a budget. 

3. Space NK - Just because its Space NK. I have a smallish shop near me and it does not often have the items I want in stock. However my only bugbear with this is that it does charge for delivery - a whopping £5 to be precise so shopping on here is always last resource. Although if you do go instore and they do not have the product you want in stock its worth asking for a delivery code, the lovely ladies are usually happy to oblige!

4. Feel Unique - Again, second to Beauty Bay I am definitely a frequent shopper here. Fast, free delivery and you can get almost anything here. If it is out of stock they also have a pretty handy email service so you can be emailed when it comes back into stock. 

5. Escentual - One stop for all your beauty needs including a lot of French skincare thats otherwise hard to find in the UK. Bioderma anyone? 

6. Cult Beauty - Described as the insiders guide to the worlds best beauty buys this is a fairly new discovery for new to me.  Although, I have become slightly addicted to their 'whats new' tab, which I am often found browsing on a daily basis to get my fix of all things new in the beauty world. 

7. Look Fantastic - Another great site that offers free, rather speedy delivery. Its worth checking this site for their offers page alone as they often have great deals on the latest beauty products. 

So there you have it, these are the main shops which I venture to when beauty shopping online. They all offer a great service whilst keeping up to date with the latest product innovations. I would definitely recommend a quick peruse on your lunch break. 

Sunday 28 April 2013

Weekend Wish List #8

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

A week passes and another list of goodies gets added to my 'list'. This week was no different and with the boyf working late most nights, the internet has been my only form of company bar an obligatory visit to mum and dad's for some homemade grub. 

1. Topshop t-shirt - Hot on the list is the rather fetching tee from Topshop. Not my usual taste but after seeing Emma's post, it would be wrong not to add. I am quite penchant to a tee and skinny jeans cough leggings when lounging around the house. At £20 a pop its not the cheapest on the market for a tee but I am pretty sure a little 'research' could return a few cheaper replica's - I am looking at you eBay. 

2. Chanel Lipstick in Boy - I have been slowly accumulating my Boots advantage points for this and I am almost there. I think I have swatched this more times than I can account for so will be a well earned treat and addition to the stash. 

3. Next Photo Collage - It just so happens that I get 50 free prints with my broadband and have failed to use them up. Since I got a digital camera many moons ago I have failed to keep up with printing pictures which is a shame as who remembers the excitement of getting films developed after their hol's right? I moved into my place 6 months ago and its about time I started using some of the bare wall space, this large photo collage is personal and fits in with the clean minimilist theme I love. 

4. Aldo Sandals - The weather is finally starting to heat up. I will ignore the slight rain earlier in the week that dampened my idea to get out the summer sandals but these are perfect for when the sun does make an appearance. Plus having a holiday in the pipeline gives all the more reason to purchase. 

5. Gossip Girl - I am not usually into American series with the exception of Sex and the City which has been on replay for god knows how long. Yes I am a fan. No I am not sorry. Much. However with my boyfriend working lates more and more I am finding myself looking for a new series to get my teeth into. After much research I feel this could be the one most up my street.

6. Vintage Post Holder - If you are like me then as soon as you get the post it gets thrown into a drawer/corner/table never to be seen again. This cute post holder would look pretty in the hall and keeps my bills in order. 

Hope you are all having a gorgeous weekend. Let me know what you are lusting after this week!

Check out my recent post feat. Hydraluron here

Introducing Hydraluron

Hydraluron Blog Review
There was a time when I would opt for the most abrasive of skincare to combat my more than oily skin. My skincare selection would resemble the teenage section of skincare in Boots opting for foaming (shudders) oil stripping face washes and mattifying moisturisers. Skip forward a few years and my skincare has changed dramatically. As I head towards my 30's I have found my skin to be more dehydrated (thanks to Carolines blog for pointing this out). To give an overview my skin can sometimes feel tight, its absorbs moisture like its going out of fashion yet can be prone to breakouts whilst still looking a tad on the oily side of normal. So after ticking all the boxes on Carolines tick sheet a self diagnosis of dehydrated skin was the conclusion and called for action. Out went the foam cleansers, and anything abrasive and in comes the oils and hydrating serums. The Clarins Lotus Oil has been on rotation in my skincare routine for sometime now. You can read my full post on this little gem here. For a while this was my go to alongside the cult EsteĆ© Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. A new addition to my evening routine is Hydraluron which I have been using alongside the Clarins Lotus oil to give my skin boost. I was initially introduced to this via Sarah over at Beauty Geek and I have not looked back since. When I heard that skincare guru Caroline had given it the thumbs up I knew I was onto a winner. Hydraluron boasts a hefty quantity of a Hyaluronic Acid which in the world of skincare is the current must have ingredient when it comes to hydration. To give you the spiel on what this ingredient does without getting too scientific on you, Hyaluronc Acid or HA as we will call it is found naturally in the body however as we age (boo, hiss) our ability to produce HA naturally decreases and needs a little helping hand so this is where Hydraluron steps in by inducing HA into your skin means that your skin can maintain water a lot more efficiently. The directions of this are simple. Use AM and PM prior to your usual moisturiser. In the evenings I have been slapping this on and then patting on a few pumps of Clarins Lotus Oil and pressing into my skin as a perfect skincare collaboration  Now needless to say that it is not one of those instant wow my skin looks amazing products. It takes time so persevere. After a few weeks of using it I have noticed that the dryness I used to experience around the crease of my nose has started to clear and makeup lasts a lot longer. Beforehand my skin would drink up the water in foundation and I would be left with a patchy mess by mid morning. This has definitely assisted in lesser touch ups required throughout the day. Now onto the nitty gritty, Hydraluron will set you back £24.95 for a 30ml tube of the stuff and at the time of this post was exclusive to Boots. The packaging is pretty plain and simple which by my books means you are paying for good product and not fancy packaging. You only need a small amount per use, a large pea size amount should do you good, and I have a biggish head to say the least and should last you a while. I am hitting the month mark and its still going strong. The plus side is that this is suitable for all ages so whatever your age I would highly recommend adding to your stash. 

Sunday 21 April 2013

Weekend Wish List #7

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

1. Essie Nail Polish in Meet me at Sunset - Chanel Holiday has been on my radar ever since Anna posted about it, but at £18 a pop its a little bit steep for a nail polish. I have heard rumours that Essies Meet me at Sunset is a rather good dupe and at £7.99 its only a fraction of the Chanel. 
2. Mulberry Small Del Rey -  I broke my Mulberry virginity earlier in the year with a new purse which I love. I am yet to own a Mulberry handbag and being the fickle person that I am with handbags I can't see it happening anytime soon, but a girl can dream right? This tan number is right up my street and would be perfect for the summer. 
3. Beauty Blender - I flit between a Sigma F80 and Real Techniques buffing brush/expert face brush to apply liquid foundation but I have heard such good reviews on the beauty blender that I am rather intrigued to try it. 
4. Marc Jacobs Daisy -  Yesterday caught me browsing the perfume aisle of House of Fraser. I have never tried a Marc Jacobs perfume and their bottles aren't really my cup of tea but I actually loved the scent of Daisy plus it got the boyfs approval. And despite my earlier claims about the bottles I actually really love the simplicity of this one. 
5. Zara Wedges -  I love me some Zara wedges and was quick to pick up the black ones from their TRF range last summer. These are very similar bar a gorgeous colab of nude and black which suits me fine. Plus their not too pricey either. 
6. Topshop Pug Pyjamas - Its time to store away the onesies and opt for a more summer friendly night atire. I jest as I never actually fell on the onesie bandwagon despite temptation. This cute pyjama set from Topshop is going to be perfect for when I eventually get away for some sun!

Thursday 18 April 2013

Birchbox - April 2013

Birchbox April 2013* £10 plus p&p

I initially heard of Birchbox via Youtube a couple of years back when I would see YouTubers from across the pond reviewing this box which they were sent monthly with a selection of high end beauty products to try for a monthly subscription fee. I was intrigued and immediately went in search of a similar concept in the UK which is when I was introduced to Glossy Box. From the moment Glossy Box went on sale I have been a sub, and like most serious relationships there have been some ups and downs. We have fallen in and out of love more times than I care to count and sometimes it has surprised me and others it hasn't. But ultimately we are bound together. That was until this week when I cheated on my beloved Glossy Box and tried out the other side. The original beauty box that is Birchbox. It came to the UK earlier in the year and is set to be a big competitor in the beauty box stakes. Offering high end samples each month for £10 plus p&p this box comes beautifully wrapped in your generic beauty cardboard box with the products enclosed in a pretty handy drawstring bag. This month I was sent the April box* to test the water. I was presented with 6 products, all deluxe sample sized with a full sized lip pencil. Despite being brands which I was unfamiliar with I actually enjoyed discovering newer brands and this was the chance to try those that I had not heard of before, plus the cute mirror will definitely be a handy addition to the handbag! Although the soap I think I shall be passing onto my mother. Ultimately I would have liked to have seen a few recognisable brands, I think it helps you feel like you are getting more for your money none the less there are a good few items which I am looking forward to trying. If you fancy giving Birchbox a try for yourself then check out their website here. Plus if you sign up for a yearly subscription then you get 2 boxes absolutely FREE. 

*PR Sample

Glam Glow Mud Mask

Hollywood California Glam Glow Face Mask Blog Review

Not so long ago I caught wind of a new face mask circulating the blogosphere. I quickly grabbed my notebook and scribbled down a note of Hollywood California Glam Glow and then briefly forgot about it. That was until I was making a rather quick purchase of the last Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm in Space NK and out of the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of Glam Glow on the counter, willing me to purchase. Before you know it I am throwing it at the assistant not even taking in the £25 price tag attached to it. 

I am not going to lie to you ladies but I failed to research the mask, not even read a review but something inside of me told me I had to have it, so with it ticked off 'the wish list' leads me to this post. A clay mask, Glam Glow originated from the Hollywood film industry where it is used in between shoots to give skin the WOW factor. If its good enough for an A lister then its good enough for me right? Aside from the minuscule jar the product actually smells rather delicious with a hint of aniseed, black jacks anyone? After exhaling the scent for a few moments, it was onto the nitty gritty of applying the mask. The directions state to mix well before use, the pots not big enough to delve a spoon into and there is no way I am wasting this by getting my fingers into the jar, so after a brief thoughtful look around the bathroom I grabbed a clean bobby pin and got stirring. It does not liquify as the instructions state but it does make the product that little more pliable. Under normal circumstances I would apply with an old foundation brush purely to lessen the mess and reduce wastage but this was a major fail with this mask and I had to result in an albeit rather messy application using ones fingers. Do not. and I repeat do not apply with freshly manicured nails or you will spend an age cleaning your finger tips. I found the trick to applying was smooth over in a thin layer rather than slather it on. Adding a tiny and I mean tiny bit of warm water helps spread the product a little easier as it does have a habit of drying the moment it hits the skin. Once applied leave it for 10 minutes. It will sting, not as much as I had imagined though, and I am rather partial to 'the sting', its that feeling that the product is doing something. I can, however imagine that if you have sensitive skin then this could be a tad painful. In fact if you do have sensitive skin I'd highly recommend either avoiding the product altogether or try to get hold of a sample beforehand and test on a small area of your face. Once ten minutes is up, rinse. Its not the easiest of products to remove by far and advises that you use a cloth to remove in circular motions which allows the product to gently exfoliate your skin thus leaving a 'glowing' complexion. I have to say my skin did feel pretty good after the initial use, ridiculously smooth and soft but nothing greatly more than my usual REN Pore Minimising Detox Mask. So would I buy again? I personally think this is one of those products you buy and stash away for the big nights out rather than a general weekly mask. Purely on the price alone and the fact it failed to give me the wow factor. Now don't get me wrong I liked the product and the price didn't bother be initially. I am used to spending 20 plus quid on a decent face mask. They are my vice. I don't smoke, I have a bottle of wine at the weekend so figure that splurging on skincare is an investment. What did disappoint me though was the amount of product that you get. A mere 15ml. Having used this twice already, by my guessing theres 2 mores uses left, at a push. If you are however looking for a skin tingling detox mask then a more purse friendly alternative I would recommend is Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed which gives the 'sting' without breaking the bank. 

Monday 15 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition


Its fair to say that I am a city girl at heart. And its even fairer to say that New York won my heart a long time ago. From the fashion, to the hustle and bustle of city life, to the fact that you can emerse oneself in beauty products all hours day and night (Yes, thats right, Sephora opens until midnight most days don't ya know!). So when I heard about Travel Supermarket were hosting a blogger competition to win a dream holiday from 5 destinations, choosing 'Cocktails in New York' was a given choice, no doubt about it. The rules are pretty simple, pick a destination (all 5 if you are feeling adventurous) and put together an outfit for your chosen destination ensuring that you don't go over the £200 budget. The lucky winner will then get the £200 to purchase their outfit in addition to a trip to their destination. Pretty amazing huh? You can read all about it over on Travel Supermarket by clicking here

When I first envisaged the scene I was taken back to a good old favourite - that is Sex and The City. I have spent a lifetime in awe of the outfits and the makeup of none other than Carrie Bradshaw herself. I didn't have to re-run episodes for inspiration either seeing as every episode is etched in my brain with the final episode a constant in my DVD player much to the boyfs dismay - I always knew Mr. Big would come around eventually. So in true fan style my initial thought was 'what would Carrie wear...

After trawling through all my favourite online fashion haunts I was drawn in by this Nude number from New Look. Part of superfan Lydia Rose Brights range this lace skater dress is the perfect day to evening dress. The gorgeous neckline means you can get away with minimal or no jewellery at all, me being more fond of the latter 'minimilist' look. Although this is a far cry from Carries' infamous 'Nude' dress and is slightly 'Charlotte', in true Carrie style its all about the shoes. During the day I am a flats or boots girl to be honest but come evening and its 'the higher the better' in an attempt to counteract my lame 5'3 height. These black platforms with subtle nude detail are right up my street, and although not quite Manolos', they could definitely pass for way more than their rather reasonable £40 price tag! Being the sensible type you won't see me out without a jacket, bar my "wine jacket" on the odd occasions but thats for another day. H&M are renowned for their blazers and they always fit me like a glove without leaving my purse weeping. A classic black jacket would set the dress off a treat, whilst looking stylish but not overdone. I like to push the sleeves up, occasionally showing off some wrist bling and a clutch tucked under the arm for effortless chic. Can you believe that this nude clutch with gold hardware is only £18 from ASOS and is big enough to carry the nights essentials which brings me onto my final touches. A night for me is not complete without a bold red lip. The new Bourjois Rouge collection has been on my radar for a while with 'Rouge Buzz' being the show stealer for me personally, I will throw this in my handbag for touchups throughout the night.  Finally nothing says 'happy hour' than a subtle smoky eye and the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is the ideal collection of shadows to pop into your bag to take you from day to night. Now I am in the mood to get all dolled up and head out for cocktails...who's in?


 H&M Black Blazer  New Look Lydia Rose Bright Lace Skater Dress ASOS Platform Black Court Shoes ASOS Envelope Clutch Bag Bourjois Rouge Edition Buzz Lipstick Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

As part of the challenge I had to choose 5 other bloggers to take part in the challenge. Its fully optional by the way so if your names on the list then please don't feel obliged to take part. I chose all of the following as they all have styles either similar to myself or completely different and I think it would be great to see their choices. Please note that the comp is open to all bloggers so if I haven't tagged you then head over to Travel Supermarket for the deets. Oh and don't forget to keep an eye on these ladies blogs as to whether they take part. 

Sunday 14 April 2013

Weekend Wish List #6

Wish List Featuring Castetagram, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, Alphabet Bags, River Island Watch, Moustach Ring Holder, Nars Lip Pencil

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

1. Casetagram - I keep seeing these floating about the blogosphere and after having a play on their website I am seriously considering getting one. I love anything personalised and I love the fact that they are not restricted to Instagram photo's (there's only so many food shots one gal can stare at all day) I used Facebook images. 
2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy - Despite having been to the states a couple of times in the last few years I have never picked one of these up - darn it! If anyone knows if you can get these in the UK then please let me know!
3. River Island Gold Watch - Although the spendaholic in me says get a darn Michael Kors already, the sensible me knows its not practical. I have been eyeing up a more dressy watch for evening where and this River Island MK looky like fits the bill!
4.  Alphabet bag Makeup Bag - I can't resist a cute makeup bag and I love this one from Alphabet bags. With a trip to Ibiza later in the year this could be a contender for all my summer makeup. 
5. Moustache Jewellery Holder - I have turned a corner of the spare room into my 'dressing area' and have been eyeing up cute storage ideas. This looks perfect for my nik naks. 
6. Nars Lip Pencil in Happy Days -  Theres something about coral makeup that gets me a little too excited. This Nars Lip Pencil is perfect for a quick splash of colour for the summer. 

Saturday 13 April 2013

Amazing Advertisers

Looking for some weekend reading? Then why not check out my most recent advertisers. 

Liv Florence is written by the lovely Liv who describes her blog as predominantly beauty related. Not only does her blog boast some great clear photos (something I love) but it holds a multitude of really good quality, informative posts. I personally really enjoyed Liv's Contour and Highlighting post here which more than deserves a read!

Madame G's Lifestyle is written by Daniella who describes herself as a shopaholic. My kind of girl :). Daniella is a mummy of two as well as being a fully qualified Complementary Therapist and Psychotherapist all alongside writing her blog. This is one busy lady! Madame G's lifestyle is a healthy mix between beauty and lifestyle with the odd personal post. Definitely worth a read. 

Liv and Daniella are taking advantage of the 50% off discount offer which is available for the first 10 sponsors. Full deets here!

Friday 12 April 2013

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Review

Its a beauty bloggers worst, nightmare, running out of their holy grail cleanser and as I scraped out the last dregs of my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm panic mode set in. An impromto trip to Space NK was called for whereby I left empty handed (this is popular stuff), cue a second failed attempt and third time lucky saw me reunited with my new best friend in the skincare depot. I discovered this gem of a product like many others, through blogger hype and when I saw it had skincare goddess Caroline Hirons seal of approval I was sold. Admittedly I shudder a tad as I hand over the best part of 40 notes on a small tub of skincare but as I moved onto my second tub of the stuff I thought it about time it received a good ol' review. 

Having the longest name in skincare history - Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing balm (phew) is a balm cleanser designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin whilst removing every last trace of makeup. Packed with Moringa Seed Extract, Wild Sea Fennel and Vit E the balm is specifically targeted at balancing, purifying and minimising the appearance of open pores which is something that I definitely fight on a daily basis. So if you do have skin verging towards the oilier side of normal do not fear the oily texture of this as if anything it helps with reducing oil production. Whereas more abrasive products can strip the skins natural oil thus making it produce more to counteract, this actually balances the skin helping to control the level of oil you produce naturally.

In terms of the product itself theres not much that I can fault from its gorgeous smell to its texture. In the tub it appears solid but I use my fingers to scoop a pea sized amount and work between my fingers to soften, I then apply to a dry face, after removing my makeup with The Sanctuary's Facial Cleansing Oil. I gently rub the product all over my face, adding a little water if need be which emulsifies the product making it go that little bit further. I know there are various ways to use but I have found this the best for me. I then use a muslin cloth, or a flannel, whichever is hanging around at the time and gently rinse in circular motions before patting dry with a towel. The product does not leave any residue and just leaves my skin feeling, well, plump I guess is the word and moisturised without feeling greasy. Aside from the rather hefty price tag, this is definitely a winner in the skincare stakes and gets a big thumbs up from me and as they say the true beauty obsessive starts with the basics - skincare. Once you sort that, then the rest just falls into place ;-).

If you do want to go that one step further with this cleanser then Emma Hardie has a great video on facial massaging and how to use the product to its full potential which for all you skincare junkies is worth a watch!

Monday 8 April 2013

Models Own Mini Glitter Collection

Models Own Mini's - Glitter Collection Limited Edition*

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win the lovely Lucy's giveaway. Included in the prize was this rather stunning Models Own Limited Edition Glitter collection comprising of 3 glitter polishes in miniature versions. Having been a complete Models Own virgin (I am an Essie gal through and through) I was keen to try these out. I am not usually a fan of the glitter look bar the  odd accent nail so these were a welcome addition to my collection. The collection consists of 3 colours - Southern Lights, Pink Fizz and Blizzard and are roughly half the size of the generic sized bottles. To give you a quick run down of the shades - Southern Fairy is a mix of colours which changes in the light, verges  more towards the bluish/purple tone. Being a Southern 'fairy' this was by far my favourite of the bunch. Pink Fizz is a straight up pink glitter and works well as an accent nail against a darker shade, think Essie Luxedo (another personal fave). Finally Blizzard is a clear confetti which would work well over another colour but does not fair too well on its own, a good alternative to the L'Oreal confetti top coat in my opinion. All in all they applied well with only 2 coats needed to get a good opaque coverage, the formula is a tad thick so a good shake is well advised beforehand. As I find with all glitter polishes they do take a tad longer to dry, so make sure you take a toilet break before starting this. The verdict? A big thumbs up from me and the miniature collections are definitely a good introduction to Models Own as a brand as a whole. 

* Giveaway Win

Sunday 7 April 2013

Amazing Advertisers

I only just discovered Joanna's blog after she got in touch through my advertising programme and I can safely say that her blog has been bookmarked for future reading. Boasting some amazing photography which is a big plus for me her blog comprises of a good mix of both beauty and lifestyle posts. Plus not only does the lovely Joanna find the time to post regular good content she does this alongside caring and bringing up a family of 4 daughters! wow! So I urge you all to click, subscribe and check out Joanna's blog! 

Joanna is taking advantage of my current offer of 50% off all advertising, if you are interested you can read the full deets here

Weekend Wish List #5

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

1. Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Coke bottles - Loving these limited edition Marc Jacobs coke bottles from Selfridges. Coke always tastes better out of a glass bottle, right? Plus these would be super cute additions to brighton up my kitchen. 
2. Zara Flats - I am in dire need of some new flats,  the sole is literally falling off my current Topshop numbers and these classics from Zara fit the bill for comfy work week chic. 
3. Lady Million - This has been on my list for a while now. I can't resist a cheeky spritz when in the perfume aisle. I may have to buy it soon...
4. Benefit Fine One One - The more swatches I see of this the more I need/want. Its the perfect summer shade with a multitude of uses. 
5. GHD Candy Collection - How gorgeous are these new GHD's from their current Candy Collection? I am in love with the mint one. Its a shame that they don't come in the wider version as this is the one I use most often. 

Hope that you are all enjoying the sun this Sunday! 

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Current Makeup Base

skincare base featuring Laura Mercier and Macs Studio Sculpt Foundation

I have spoken about my love affair with Laura Merciers Tinted Moisturiser a while back (post here) and that has not altered. I am now happily scraping out the dregs of my second tube ready to move onto my third, a rather expensive obsession but one that I am happy to accept. Lately though I have felt my skin has needed that little extra coverage. I don't know whether its the lack of sun or the poor weather in general but its sucked the life out of my poor skin and I have been suffering with the odd pimple here and there. I have a love hate relationship with MAC Studio Fix and as much as I want to love it I find it a tad drying and a little cakey on my oily/combo skin. But not wanting to throw money down the drain for want of a better phrase I thought I would see how it faired teamed with my holy grail. The result? One pump of Laura Mercier plus one pump of Studio sculpt, mix together with a foundation brush (current brush of choice: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) and apply. This little combo actually works. The moisturising properties of the LM give me the moisture that I need and actually takes away the cakiness of the Studio Sculpt whilst giving my skin that little extra coverage in a natural way. Finished off with a little MAC Moisture concealer and I am ready to face the day.  

Have you tried mixing up your products?

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay Primer Potion £15

Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion has long been an addition to my makeup bag ever since I got the original Naked palette and tested out the sample size. I happened to pick up the full size whilst perusing the UD aisle in House of Fraser whilst my best bud was having her eye makeup done at the counter and haven't looked back since. Bursting with a full 11ml now rather than the original 10ml the primer potion now comes in a nifty tube - say goodbye to wasted product which was the case with the original packaging. There is of course the ongoing debate as to whether primer on your eyelids really does help. As someone that gets rather oily eyelids, eyeshadow literally slips off me, I can safely say that this does work, for me that is. 

The original primer potion actually makes up one of four primer potions which Urban Decay offer.  The original is a plain cream which is applied directly under eyeshadow, dries clear to your skin tone and generally mattes the eyelid area. The other three additions to the primer family are - sin, greed and eden. Sin is more copper similar to its powder eyeshadow sister and can be used alone or under shadow,  Eden more of a yellow toned and Greed a straight up golden tone. 

When it comes to eyeshadow I am less is more kind of girl during the day. And for the office its usually a quick slick of primer followed by a slick of Naked from the original palette over the top generally with a Mac 217 brush which I find is by far the quickest brush to apply. Even for someone like me. This will usually see me through to the end of the day with no creasing. You can usually see some wear of the shadow, I put this down to rubbing my eyes throughout the day usually head on desk in frustration style. As with all Urban Decay products they're not the cheapest on the market but they're not the most expensive either - Tom Ford anyone? An 11ml tube of this will set you back £15 but it will also last you a long long time given that you only need a smidgen per use so its definitely value for money. Now all I need is the other 3 to complete my collection...