Saturday 14 July 2012

Going on Holiday | Top Duty Free Treats!

If you lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere hot and sunny this year then if you are anything like myself then you will be heading straight to the duty free section to see what bargains you can pick up! Being a beauty junkie means that I love exclusive offers and I love a bargain even more so this is the ideal opportunity to pick up a few products and save a few quid at the same time. I have yet to book  a holiday which is partly down to having not decided on a destination and not getting my bum in gear and actually booking it. So whilst mooching around some sites looking for the perfect getaway I found myself staring at the world duty free store and thought I would see what offers were to be had at the moment.
Flower Bomb is a perfume that has been on my wish list for forever. I don’t know why I don’t just buy the darn thing. And this limited edition number is no different. This retails at approximately £55 on the Boots website but you can pick this up for £38.50 in duty free which is a pretty hefty saving. No wonder people go crazy for fragrances whilst on holiday!

Another absolute gem of a find is a personal favourite of mine and that's the EsteĆ© Lauder Advanced Night Repair. This is not the cheapest of products and for 100ml it works out at £116 on the High Street whereas in Duty Free you can pick this up for £68 for the same amount.

 I love a duty free exclusive. OK so its not THAT exclusive considering the amount of people traveling through duty free but there's something special in buying something that you know you can’t pick up in your local shopping centre. The Clarins Take off Essentials retails at £35, and includes everything you need for that ‘inflight facial’. If you watched the Lisa Eldridge video religiously like I then you will now know the importance of looking after your skin throughout the flight. I certainly will be taking no chances on my next flight and will be donning the face masks and creams like no-ones business. Cue a lot of strange looks from fellow passengers!

I have heard a lot about the Hypnose Star mascara from Lancome but at £21 on the High Street its a tad out of my budget for a mascara but if you do have your eye on this then you can get it at £19.50 via Duty Free. Given not a massive saving but every little helps right and think of the £ you have saved could go towards cocktails by the pool.
Lastly this one for when you get home. If you are like me then your tans fades pretty quickly so anything to maintain it once I have arrived back in the usually wet and dreary UK is on my radar. For £18.50 you get a 250ml bottle whereas this retails for approximately £22 in Selfridges for a mere 125ml.

Are you off on holiday this year? Are you planning on picking up any treats?

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