Sunday 8 July 2012


Wow it seems like forever since I did one of these posts and boy have I accumulated some pics! I can't believe that it is July already, where has this year gone? Although you would not believe it was July considering the lack of sunshine in the UK at the moment. I found this doing the rounds on Twitter and found it rather amusing as it echoes my thoughts entirely.

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My boyfriend and I are currently on the eye out for a summer holiday. Florida has so far been no. 1 but if you do have any suggestions and recommendations then please let me know as we are struggling with ideas at the moment. We had a rather expensive holiday in 2010 and went to LA and Vegas which was incredible that's not to mention New York the year before therefore we missed a holiday last year. But it did make me realise how much I need a holiday. Sometimes working day to day no matter how much I enjoy my job can become a little mundane without something to look forward to mid year so its nice to have something in the pipeline to count down to. On a plus side it is my birthday next month so I shall be planning that shortly. I usually have a big meal just before with friends and there are usually about 20 plus of us which is always fun. Unfortunately the restaurant we usually go to let us down a tad last year so I shall be on the hunt for a new place. Have you any plans for holidays coming up?