Friday 6 July 2012

Boots Botanics oil free moisturiser | Review

Boos Botanics oil free moisturiserboots botanics range moisturiserboots botanics range moisturiser review
So after waxing lyrical about Benefits oil free facial moisturiser I think I may have found a new 'cheaper' contender. I picked this up the Boots Botanics oil free moisturiser a while ago and have been rotating between the two with this being my moisturiser of choice lately with the hotter weather. I have skin a tad on the oily side anyway and in humid weather this only intensifies the oil production. But having said that I do have dry areas too on my cheeks and particularly on the creases of my nose which makes applying liquid foundation without a moisturiser a nightmare. I think its safe to say that this oil free moisturiser is more of a serum or gel like consistency as opposed to a creamy moisturiser. I prefer this consistency personally as it acts as almost a primer to my makeup giving almost a veil over the skin.

The main ingredients of this are plant extracts and sweet gale which is an anti-bacterial essential oil designed to combat blemishes. So this is right up my street. Upon application this has a strong herbal almost plant like scent. Something that I actually love. It feels cool on the skin which is another bonus as when applied sparingly it feels almost like a spa treatment on your face. The moisturiser sinks in almost immediately and rather than leave a dewy like feel to the skin, my skin felt matified yet nourished at the same time if that makes sense? This meant that applying makeup was a dream as it created the perfect canvas. I have not been using this at night only in the mornings and it is definitely a 'wake me up' moisturiser very refreshing and light. I also love the fact that the packaging shows clearly how much product is left similar to that of the REN masks.

The good thing about this is it is designed for sensitive skin. I have far the opposite to sensitive skin in fact I think my skin can take most things thrown at it but I like the idea that as it is designed for sensitive skin you can be safe in the knowledge it won't have anything too harsh in the ingredients.

Boots Botanics oil free moisturiser is available at Boots in store and online for £6.99
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