Friday 27 July 2012

Glossy Box | July 2012

I said I wouldn't do a Glossy Box post. Who wants to see another one right? But then I received my July box which is all about the Festivals and I was so impressed that I just could not resist the urge to post about it. So if you are sick to death of seeing Glossy Box then please feel free to click back and I assure you there will be lots of other new posts coming this week which hopefully will be of interest to you. 

This months box was jammed with 6 goodies including 2 full size.

1. Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Irish Cream Lip Frosting. RRP £10.00. I got the full size of this and although I personally would not pay the RRP of 10 quid for it, its a nice little addition to my collection. It doubles up as both a lip gloss and a cream blush and smells bloomin' gorgeous! 

2. Monu Sopa Golden glow. I am all about the fake tan so this moisturising treatment for both face and body will come in handy. RRP £23.00 for 200ml.

3. HD Brow palette. I literally squealed when I received this. I know some people were a tad unhappy as this has been featured before, but being someone who missed the last one I was extremely happy for it to be featured again. The colours are perfect for me and I can't wait to test this out. This retails at £19.995, so this alone is worth double the box. Result!

4. Clynol Enrich Colour Shampoo RRP £9.35 for 300ml. As someone that colours their hair (wuite frequently I might add) I always tend to stick to shampoos designed for coloured hair types, so this is right up my street. Plus I love travel sized bottles which are perfect for the odd weekend away... 

5. Elizabeth Arden Invisible Difference balancing lotion. Ah, I like the look of this but I think my mum would have better use being someone who is a fan of EA products, so being a good daughter I have passed this on. This retails at £32.00 for 50ml.

6. Bonus product: The  Invisible Difference balancing line. Again this compliments the above and got sent off to mum!

What did you get this month? Are you pleased with the products?

Glossy Box is available for £10.00 per month plus p&p. Go to for details