Wednesday 11 July 2012

How to save money online | Competition

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When it comes to spending I have got it down to a fine art. Often quite frivolous when purchasing online and on the High Street I am more than likely to be seen paying full retail price for an item than scour the internet for discounts or face the dreaded queues of sale shopping *hangs head in shame*.  As a result my bank balance has paid the price *sighs*. This year my boyfriend and I have started the stressful task of looking for a little place to call our own. Albeit we are going to be renting to start with but it does mean that my now disposable income is going to be spent on bills, rent and all the other things that come with being a fully fledged grown up! So this year I have made it my sole mission to be more careful with my pennies, cue operation miss money savvy!. After some thoughtful research and my trusted friend Google I have come up with some of the best money saving sites which could save or make you a bob or two!

  "Let me introduce you to the top sites that made the cut! Who'd of thought saving money could be so much fun?"

Clothes swapping parties are becoming a growing trend at the moment whether you want to gather all your friends together for a 'swapping' party (clothes swapping that is!) or use an online service such as which offers a FREE online fashion exchange.

Girl Meets Dress is a site for the designer/fashion lover. Its a subscription service starting at £60 per year where you can hire out designer dresses for occasions. If you rarely go to occasions then this is not going to be worth your while however if you had a few weddings over the course of a year and are not a fan of the Kate Middleton recycling trend then this could be for you. I often spend at least £60 on 1 dress alone! Offering you high end fashion which you return after use meaning you will never be caught in the same dress twice. The only downside is you do actually have to return the dresses! Boo!

eBay has to be an old fave of mine and probably the one place that I can happily browse for hours. The trick is to grabbing a bargain is timing often you need to stay up late or early morning to blag the best bargains when there are less people around to bid against. Try using a tool such as fatfingers which searches commonly misspellings that often get missed in listings and lost in the world of eBay. I have bagged many a new item for only a few quid using this tool.

Cashback sites are always great! Topcashback is one of the most familiar sites out there with many of the big fashion stores such as ASOS, Very Warehouse to name a few. You can claim up to 8% per store. Keep building this up and you could have nice little amount to claim back to put towards, more clothes maybe? My work actually has one of these sites for employees so check with your company to see whether they have the same service. Often larger companies will have employee perks that you don't even know about.

Most stores have ongoing discount codes floating around. These are generally sent to those subscribed to their websites but little gems such as find these codes and collate them into a website for you. The codes range from anything from free P&P to 10% off or more. Every little helps right and I for one am always a bit bummed when it comes to paying extortionate postage charges especially if I am only ordering 1 or 2 items.

What are your best money saving tips for buying online? Comment below I'd love to hear them!

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