Monday 30 July 2012

Style | Topshop Mighty Boots

So my trusted River Island ankle boots finally gave up on me after over a year of continuous wear, so off I trotted to town in search of a new trusty pair of boots when I stumbled across these beauts. When it comes to day to day footwear I am a boots and skinny jeans girl. I like an ankle boot, not sky high during the day but with a heel large enough to stack me up a teeny bit and these ticked all the boxes. I had been eyeing up the Ambush boots in Topshop for a while but at not so purse friendly £75 I wasn't sure I could justify, especially as I could only find them in brown. So when I stumbled across these for a rather nice £45 I snapped up a size five and hot footed it to the till. These are leather with an almost suede effect so I am not sure how they are going to withstand the wet weather, but nothing that a quick spritz of protector spray can't fix. They are super comfy, bar driving in them as the ankle is slightly taller than my RI ones and digs in every-time I reach for the brakes but they definitely go with everything in my wardrobe so I can overlook this little glitch. I have seen that they also do them in brown so I shall be scouring Topshops all over to pick up them too :-). 

You can purchase The Mighty boots by clicking here. Also I recently used the code 09689386509385584938 (yes an odd one) online via this site which gave me 10% off which equates to the postage and packaging at least! (hopefully it still works).