Sunday 1 July 2012

The 5 Minute Mani

5 minute manicure
Every couple of weeks usually on a Sunday evening I like to give my nails a litle TLC. I paint my nails a lot and excessive nail polish use can leave them discoloured and a little shabby. I am not one to fork out for expensive manicures as I do believe that you can achieve similar results at home. Nor am I one to spend ages faffing around with treatments etc so this little routine I have going has helped me keep my nails in almost tip top shape. 

This is probably the one thing in my beauty regime that I find a little mundane but it has to be done. I therefore try to keep it quick and simple. I tend to do this after I have had a bath so that my nails are completely clean and free from any dirt and grime and my cuticles are relatively soft. I start by cutting and filing my nails into a decent shape. I don't have long nails but I am lucky in the sense that I don't bite them therefore they are a 'healthy' length so to speak. I then use a buffer over the top layer of the nail. There is a bit of hoo ha over whether this is good or bad for the nails but as I do this infrequently I can't see it being an issue. This just helps to remove those annoying ridges and any stains which may be left from darker nail polishes. I swear by the Sally Hansen cuticle massage cream which not only smells ridiculously gorgeous but actually does a pretty good job in getting rid of annoying cuticles. I use this in conjunction with a cuticle stick, I actually cringe when doing this but it has to be done. Now this can leave a slight oily residue so I will go over the actual nail with a swipe of polish remover before applying the Seche Vite top coat which actually works as a pretty good base too and leaves my nails super shiny when having a break from normal nail polish. After this has dried I slap on a large dollop of Jergens extra moisturising hand cream and let it do its magic over night. I am not one of those people to apply hand cream throughout the day so I will always ensure I apply a generous amount every evening which keeps my hands soft and smooth. 

I guess this does come across long winded however I have perfected this routine and can get this done in 5-10 minutes.

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