Wednesday 4 July 2012

Monthly Roundup #2

Monthly round up favourites June Ah it seems like forever since I did my last monthly roundup. I tend to steer away from doing them on a monthly basis purely because I use a lot of the same products on a month by month basis and it could end up being  a little samey. There aren't too many products that made the cut this month but these are a few that have stood out amongst a rather collective bunch.

After getting through a plethora of shower gel samples from beauty boxes, this month I returned to  a good old favourite which is the Imperial Leather in Japanese Spa. This is dead cheap at around £1 a bottle in fact they have even increased the bottle size meaning you get a lot more for your money. I adore the luxurious aroma of it, the fact that it lathers well with my exfoliating mittens and doesn't leave my skin dried out. It does the biz as far as shower gels go. A brand which I have rediscovered this month is Aussie and I now wonder why I ever strayed. The 3 minute miracle conditioner is probably their most recognisable product which delivers instant results. I have been enjoying this once a week used along side their Aussome Volume range. I don't think the Caudalie Beauty elixir is far from any beauty bloggers faves. I am now onto my second bottle of this stuff and I am contemplating buying the 100ml soon. After feeling a tad 'sicky' this morning a good whiff of this between my hands and I was good to go. Every other night I have been slapping on the Clarins Lotus face oil which has left my skin feeling rejuvinated after the constant change in weather here in the UK. I swear my skin does not know whether it is coming or going, one minute I am digging out the SPF and the next I am having to treat my skin like its winter. Madness!. Another beauty box gem was the Caudalie perfume sample in Thé Des Vignes which has found a home in my handbag. I usually point my nose up at perfume samples but this was a pretty hefty 10ml of a sample in a glass bottle with a spray atomiser so not your usual 'impractical' samples. I might have to pick up the full size of this. What would a monthly round up be without a daily face product and my must have of the moment has to be the POREfessional. I have used this almost daily for about a year now and it is by far the best primer I have discovered in keeping oil at bay. Another daily face product has to be the L'Oreal Lumi Magique highlighting concealer. Being a true YSL Touche Éclat girl I could never have seen myself straying but the former has slightly overtaken whilst the YSL takes a little back seat at the moment. A couple of MAC products which I have been re-discovering over the past month is the MSF which has provided just the right coverage daily meaning I can step away from liquid foundations. Don't get me wrong I am still digging out the liquid foundation for evenings but I have been going for the lighter look during the week. It also means less time applying meaning a little longer shut eye in the mornings so I can't complain about that :-). Another MAC favourite is Dame a satin powder blush. This was my first ever blusher from MAC and its still going strong almost a year despite having almost hit pan which is a rarity for me when it comes to blushers as I usually rotate the ones I use so often I never finish one. This is a beautiful dusky pink, think a lighter version of Well Dressed which is definitely one to watch :-)

 Are you loving any of these this month?

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