Saturday 1 October 2011

Glossybox the UK's answer to Birchbox


I recently read a post by nykkismanebloog where she talks about a company called Birchbox.  Basically the idea of this site is that you subscribe for approximately $10.00 a month and each month you are sent 4-5 deluxe sample sizes to try.  I was intrigued but unfortunately we do not have Birchbox in the UK, however after some research I discovered that we have GlossyBox which is the UK's equivalent. They do the same thing for £10 per month.  Having read the website and how it works, this interested me,  Imagine having 5 high end products delivered directly to your door every single month?  But then I thought, hang on a minute I could be sent 5 awful products and still have to pay for them.  So what I really am getting at - have any of you guys experienced either Birchbox or GlossyBox and what did you think? The site states that you can cancel membership at anytime providing you give 14 days I may have to subscribe for a month to test this out... 

I look forward to hearing your views xx


  1. there are others you may want to investigate,
    if you prefer natural products then try

  2. @sugarpuffish Thank you for the recommendations i will be sure to check these out :) x