Friday 14 October 2011

Dr Brandt - pores no more vacuum cleaner

Hmmm well what can I say about this product?  Basically it claims to literally suck your blackheads out, sounds gross right? I had heard some pretty rubbish reviews but I also had heard that Dr Brandt was a pretty decent brand and given the price (this was £39.00) I had kind of hoped that it would be good but in hindsight I should have listened to the reviews.

I was unfortunately blessed with stubborn blackheads on my nose and although not visible when wearing makeup I can see them when I have cleansed my face so I am constantly on the hunt for treatments to 'cure' the product so when a new one comes along I can't resist trying it...

The product itself is a gel like consistency which you apply to your troublesome areas and leave for 10 -15 minutes. The instructions state it should turn blue - it didn't! It turns white to a powdery consistency somewhat similar to what you would experience with a clay mask only not as thick in consistency. 

The smell is pleasant, not great but fresh smelling, I'd even go as far to say it smelt expensive.  The one thing I did like was the packaging which was simple yet elegant and not over the top.  You also get quite alot of product, 30g to be precise. 

Once I had left it on for 10 minutes I cleaned it off with a muslin cloth and whilst I did not expect to see a dramatic difference after the first use - I did not see any difference.  The packaging advises that you should use 2-3 times per week or as needed.  I have used this almost every evening for a week and am yet to see an improvement which I would expect to even minimal given this products claims. 

I will probably continue to use this until the product is used up as it would be a shame to waste so much money however in terms of purchasing this again I would have to say no. I'm sure that some people have found this works although it did not for me and for that reason this is definitely a product I regret purchasing as there are so many cheaper blackhead treatments on the market.

Please note that product(s) purchased by me and all opinions expressed are my own