Wednesday 5 October 2011

Benefit Erase Paste Shade No. 2

A few weeks a go I posted that I had recently purchased Benefits Erase Paste. In case you are not familiar with Benefit products, Erase Paste is basically a concealer which claims to brighten and camouflage eyes and face.  Now, I have tried many concealers over the past year and had yet to find one that actually suited my skin and lasted yet I do believe that I may have found just that.

I purchased shade no. 2 which is a medium.  I don't have dark skin nor do I have super fair so I settled with medium.  The concealer comes in a small screw top pot unlike some other brands which are usually of the stick type.  So you can either use your fingers or like me use an eyeshadow brush to blend and then use my fingers just to smooth over the top to ensure that it is blended well.

Swatch of Erase Paste No. 2

The weight of it is 4.40g net wt. 0.15oz and although this may seem like a small amount for the £19.50 cost I can honestly say that a little amount does go a long way.  So much so that the first time I used this I put what I thought was a small amount on the back of my hand and ended up wasting a majority of it as it just was not needed.

In the box you get a small spatula to remove the product, but I just dip my brush in and apply although I suspect the spatula is the more hygienic option especially if you will be using on other people at any time.  If it is just you, then I see no harm in dipping a 'clean' finger or brush into it.  Also included is a set of instructions but personally they were not of much use to me however if you are new to concealer then they may assist with the application and where to apply etc.

I found that this glided on perfectly and gave maximum coverage all day.  I know people have said that it is quite thick and I would have to agree however I actually like this and if you only use a small amount you won't get the caked on effect.

What I love most about Benefits products is that they do the most gorgeous packaging ever yet never scrimp on the quality of their products.  Yes, I agree that they are expensive however I have not ran out of a product yet and I use Benefit religiously so I have to agree that they are well worth the money spent but can also appreciate that you can of course get cheaper items on the market. Another product which I purchased not so long ago for the summer was You Rebel, a tinted moisturiser which I hope to get a review up soon for.

What are your favourite Benefit products and which ones do you love and which ones should we avoid?

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