Wednesday 12 October 2011

VIVO Make Up BARGAIN of the day!

Hey Everyone!

Whilst working today I had to travel about 80 miles from my hometown and I was super excited to come across a gigantic Tesco store! AND, I'm not exaggerating it must of had absolutely everything from all their stores under one roof. As I had some time to kill I felt 'obliged' to check it out so I was excited to stumble across this budget beauty range called 'Vivo'.  I don't think there was one product over £6 with the average price being £1.99 and £4 so I could not resist these little gems...

Blusher £4.00, Lipsticks £1.99

Blusher in Peaches and Cream 

Peaches and Cream

Lipsticks £1.99 - Sugar Pink and Barely There

Left - Barely There, Right - Sugar Pink

Top - Sugar Pink, Bottom - Barely There

I think the packaging is gorgeous and absolutely love the colours.  The blush is so pigmented I would liken it to those by MAC at less than a quarter of the price.