Friday 28 October 2011


Hi Girls, 

Todays post is about Benefits 'You Rebel' tinted moisturiser. I purchased this in the summer as I wanted maximum coverage without feeling like I was wearing too much make-up. The reviews on this product were mixed however being a huge Benefit fan I was keen to test it. 

The product comes in 2 shades. Either the original or light. I purchased the original based on recommendation from one of the girls at the Benefit counter. 

For a tinted moisturiser it is rather thick consistency and actually resembles more of a foundation than a moisturiser. I have tried several tinted moisturisers before and they gave little coverage so I had higher expectations for this product. 

 My initial thoughts on this product were that it was too dark although it blended into my skin well (or so I thought). I set this with powder and all was fine however as the day progressed the product moved a lot and left me with what I can only describe as a 'dirty' look. Now don't get me wrong I think this would be  a great product when used with the correct skin type however I have combination skin and therefore as I get oily around the T zone area, the product only enhanced the oiliness.  

With regards to the colour, in hindsight I would have opted for the lighter colour or even purchased both to mix together to get a better shade. Personally speaking I have not given up hope with this product (given the price of £23.50). I don't think it helped that I used it in the summer months when my skin is much more oily. I can only imagine that if I used it in the winter when my skin is a lot dryer then I think this product will work well.

Have you tried this product and what did you think? Although I will always love Benefit and their products I can't help thinking this one was a slight disappointment!