Thursday 6 October 2011

Beauty find of the day

OMG!  I had to pop to my local Morrisons supermarket this afternoon and whilst in the beauty aisle I happened to come across this selection of tube lip glosses for only £5.00. They are a selection of 6, yes 6 tubes of gorgeous colours including a clear one!

I thought these might be well a bit rubbish TBH however for £5 I thought I may as well try.  And these are absolutely gorgeous, the colours, the smell (which is kind of fruity) and the packaging!

When I first applied they were not sticky which I have found with some glosses, I can actually rub my lips together without them getting stuck which is a bonus and they felt extremely nourishing and moisturising. The smell is a mix between sweets and fruit, I'm undecided on which at the moment.  

They are not small tubes either, each is 12ml and I suspect will last for ages, so if you are anywhere near a Morrisons definitely check out the beauty aisle for these little treats.  

 Thanks for reading - please let me know your latest bargain beauty finds in the comment bar below :)

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