Tuesday 4 October 2011

I ordered my first Glossybox!!!

Ok so I finally caved into all the hype and ordered my first Glossybox.  I figured that the only way I was really going to be able to make a solid opinion on this was by actually subscribing and testing this myself.  I have heard so many good reviews but as you may have read in my last post regarding this, I was a little apprehensive incase I received products that were of no interest to me.  The total subscription cost me £12.95.  The box is £10 plus postage and packaging.  The site clearly states that you can cancel at anytime which I liked as it meant I am not contracted to it should I not like the October box.

Prior to me ordering from Glossybox I checked out a couple of other sites which offer a similar service which were recommended by another lovely blogger - sugapuffish.

The first I checked was feelunique.com's beauty box.  This was going to be my first choice, however the site states that October has already sold out, the next was latestinbeauty.com.  This is similar to Glossybox in the sense you get sent a box of goodies, but you actually choose the samples you are sent. I had a quick browse through the products available and they were very limited with their selections. Plus I liked the idea of the little the element of surprise that Glossybox offers. Having said that I think I most probably would had gone with feelunique.com had they not been sold out purely based on the fact that they offered free postage and packaging to anywhere in the world.  So I may order from them in the future as a comparison blog?

So,  I guess now is just the waiting period for the box to arrive :)  I will do a follow up review for you guys after I have received it and have tested all the products.

If any of you are members of Glossybox I would love to hear about your experiences so please comment below.

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