Tuesday 11 October 2011

Review - Garnier Anti Dark Circles

I'm so excited to do this review as I have heard great things about this product and let me tell you I was not disappointed.  The Garnier anti dark circles has been out for some time now and has been flying off the shelves ever since.  Some have likened it to the highly acclaimed YSL touché éclat yet at a fraction of the price.  I purchased mine for around £10 from Boots and at the moment they are doing a deal on buy 2 and get the 3rd Garnier product free therefore you could get 3 of these for the cost of 1 touché éclat!

Once opened it has an expiration date of 6 months (if you see my last post on expiry dates) this can be found via a open jar symbol on the packaging therefore if you do stock up they will be fine to use as long as not opened.

Firstly, what Garnier says...

Garnier creates Caffeine Anti Dark Caffeine Anti-dark circles Roll-on.  It is our 1st roll on massage which combines a caring formula with natural ingredients and a long lasting tinted concealer as effective as make up. The formula along with the massaging ball, offers a complete solution to tired eyes and dark circles. 

How it works...
  • the roll-on has a refreshing effect which delivers a double effect on dark circles:
  • Immediate coverage - The texture is concentrated n mineral pigments. Long lasting it covers dark circles through its subtle shade which compliments your skin tone. 
  • Reduces the look of fatigue - Enriched with 10 x more caffeine, known for its stimulating action, and lemon extract, known for its clarifying properties; the hydrating formula with roll on massage reduces the appearance of fatigue. The formula also contains a UV filter to help protect the eye contour from the harmful effects of the sun.
If like me you suffer from dark circles or are prone to the occasional late night then this is perfect for you.  It comes in 3 shades, I picked medium although there is also a light and a dark.  Boots had testers out so you can check your perfect shade.  I personally would go slightly lighter than your natural skin tone to get the best effect.

When I applied this, it was super cold and refreshing on the eyes. You could even keep this in the fridge for an even cooler effect. The coverage is subtle yet effective. It does not look like you have caked makeup on it opens the eyes and gives you a really wide eyed effect and my eyes certainly felt more awake after using this.

I know that Garnier have bought out several of the under eye roll ons,  the last one I tried was the green one (I'm not sure of the name) although this is undoubtably the best that I have tried!

All in all I can't fault this product, the price and the quality is exceptional and meets all my expectations. My only regret would be not buying this sooner.