Friday 30 September 2011

E.L.F Cosmetics Haul

I was so excited this morning when a parcel arrived for me! It was my E.L.F delivery.  For those of you that are not familiar with this brand, it sells gorgeous cosmetics at really good prices without compromising on the quality.  I ordered my batch on Sunday,  I received an email on Wednesday stating that there was a slight delay due to the volume of orders so I was a little disappointed as I was so eager to check these beauties out :)  Anyways I could hardly complain as the postage was FREE, yes free if you spent over £30.00.  The cosmetics are at such great prices its hard not to spend £30.00 and considering the amount you get for your money it is definitely money well spent.

Top - Left to right 

Shimmering Facial Whip - Spotlight £1.50
Shimmering Facial Whip - Pink Lemonade £1.50
Studio Cream Blush - Flirt £6.50
Studio Cream Blush - Heartbreaker £6.50
Shine Eraser Sheets £1.50

Bottom - Left to right

Nourishing Cuticle Pen £1.50
Bronzing Brush £1.50
Angled Eyeliner Brush £3.50
Lipstick - Voodoo £1.50
Lipstick - Fantasy £1.50
Liquid Lipstick - Raspberry £1.50
Liquid Lipstick - Maple Sugar £1.50

Facial Whips - Spotlight & Raspberry

These highlighting creams can be used on the eyes, the face and even the lips.  I intend to use these on my cheekbones as a highlighter although I suspect they would make a good eye primer.  When I opened 'Spotlight' liquid literally poured out, in fact so much so that I had to rush to the sink and 'drain it' I was worried I would not have any product left.  After I shook it vigorously I was able to get an OK consistency although I found it very watery and hard to actually get a vibrant shade because of this.  I then tried the Raspberry one and luckily did not have the same problem.  This had a lovely even consistency and blended perfectly.  The colour looks so vibrant in the tube although it is actually very subtle so these would be perfect in the summer when you just want to add a little colour without feeling plastered in make up.  

 Studio Cream Blush - Flirt
These cream blushes were my favourite.  I have been looking for a cream blush for so long yet have never got around to getting one so on this occasion I bought 2 given that they were such a bargain.  These were from the Studio line and so are slightly more expensive at £6.50 than the standard E.L.F line. But its a great price in comparison to some higher end cream blushes on the market. This had a mousse like consistency and I loved the feel so much I had to literally force myself not to squish my finger right in the jar. The packaging of the Studio line looks more expensive and would look lovely on anyones dressing table.  I first tried 'Flirt'  This is a vibrant pink yet blends so well it does not look over the top - i can't wait to wear this.
 Studio Cream Blush - Flirt

As well as 'Flirt' I purchased 'Heartbreaker'.  This was more of a coral shade and the photos do not do 
it justice. It looks very bright here however it is actually more subtle. I am a big fan of Benefits Dandelion blush and this was in the same colour chart.  

Studio Cream Blush - Heartbreaker

Next I purchased some shine control sheets.  These are just similar to those found on the market by several other brands and are designed as a quick fix during the day.  You just wipe over the parts of the face where you are shiny and it instantly mattifies the face without ruining your make up - I definitely think these should be in every girls handbag if you are prone to an oily face.

Nourishing Cuticle Pen

In case you did not know I am obsessed with painting my nails. I do not think a week goes by where I have not bought at least one nail polish yet using nail polish remover constantly can have a drying effect on my cuticles and nail beds so I purchased this nourishing pen which you rub into your cuticles.  It contains Avocado and Almond oils so this is a real treat for your nails.

Bronzing Brush

I had been looking for a small angled brush for contouring. This is a lot smaller than I envisaged from the website and when I removed the plastic protective cover there was some hair loss. Im not sure how this brush will stand in comparison to my other brushes but it seems like a good little brush for the price and perfect if you are just starting to get into makeup and don't want to splash out too much on the right tools.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Now this I am seriously excited about.  A few weeks ago I bought a gel liquid eyeliner and no matter how much I tried I could not use the brush that it came with.  I tried to use my angled eyeshadow brush but STILL could not get the technique right and I do not even have a shaky hand.  I watched a YouTube video and a girl took a thin paint brush and bent it and then applied her eyeliner so imagine my excitement when I found this on E,L.F.

Lipsticks - L-R Voodoo, Fantasy

These lipsticks smell absolutely lush, sort of like a sweet coffee but very subtle.  I will be honest Im not a big lipstick buyer and always opt for gloss but I have gradually been purchasing more and more lipsticks as I love the feel on my lips.  They are a lot less sticky than lipgloss, much to my bf's approval :).    

 Liquid Lipstick L-R Raspberry, Maple Sugar

I was somewhat intrigued by these on the website as they are called 'liquid lipsticks' however when they arrived they are more like lip glosses but less sticky.  The colours in this photo appear very dark but if you knock 2-3 shades off and your getting there! I had to twist these approximately 20 times before the colour came to the surface.  To be honest I'm not fan of the twisting types as I like to be able to just remove the lid and my products there.  But having said that now I have done the initial twisting I think these will only need half a twist at least per use.  The only thing I will say about these though is that it is a lot more packaging than product and I think that lets it down but I can't see these running out any time soon.

These products were definitely worth the wait and I will definitely be returning to the site to purchase more in the near future once I've given these all a good trial.  

Please let me know about your purchases from E.L.F and if you have a review please link it below as I would love to read it.  

Thanks for reading xx
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  1. Great products! :)

    I LOVE Voodoo!!! It is one of my favorite lipsticks! I think I may grab a couple cream blushes, since I have never really used one before.

    I am going to see what kind of deals I can find, and I may make a purchase!!

    Great Haul and Reviews!!

    xoxo, nykki

  2. Thanks for your comments. The cream blush is lovely and will test it properly tomorrow as going to the beach! Its surreal it is beach weather in the UK in October! x


    Thanks Hun, if you find any other deals let me know. Shame though as there are so many things available in states that aren't available UK :( x

  4. I've only just noticed that they have cream blushes available. They look really nice. :)

  5. @Sarirah seriously these cream blushes are awesome def a have of mine for September x

  6. Love this post! I'm yet to try Elf products, this has inspired me to do so! Can't beat those prices! x

  7. @Diary of a country girl Thank you, when i heard the prices I felt compelled to try and given the quality of the products I think you should definitely give them a go :) x

  8. I love Elf!! Affordable & best of all great products! Followed your blog via email, saw that you have me on your blog links, I will add you to mine ;)