Wednesday 26 October 2011

W7 Nail Polishes

Last weekend I went shopping at an outlet centre near me and I came across a beauty shop. The shop was mainly NYX cosmetics with other higher end brands at discount prices. I came across a brand of Nail Polish called W7 - I had not heard of this before, have you?

 The polishes were all £2.95 each and on buy one get one free so I picked up a couple. The colours I chose were 'Envy' which is a metallic green and 'Cosmic Purple' which is a purple glitter. 

When I first opened them what hit me the most was the smell. OK so nail polishes do smell but this was very strong, more like paint than anything so I was a little apprehensive. I thought that when I applied the first coat it would be more opaque similar to the Barry M's I use but they came out very light, the purple glitter in particular. It took 2 coats to get full coverage and I must say I do like the green one which has different shades dependent on the light. However the purple glitter is not my favourite I must say. This might be because I'm not a great lover of purple yet the glitter kind of persuaded me to purchase :). 

All in all I can't complain given the price which I paid although Im not too sure I would go back to this brand. 

Have you ever tried this brand and what did you think. Im sorry my posts lately have been very nail polish orientated and I do have some great make up reviews coming up yet I feel that I have to really try a product to be able to give a good solid review and this sometimes takes a little longer...