Thursday 29 September 2011

The A - Z of ME...

I got this idea from Gabysbeautyblob - linked and thought it was such a good idea to allow bloggers to get to know you without revealing too much personal information.  So here is the A - Z of me...enjoy :)


27 - moving closer to the big 30!  Eeeek

Bed Size 
Single...until I move in with my bf (saving for a house is soooo hard)

Chore you hate
Cleaning my car - its always a mess inside and out 

I would LOVE a dog but I do not have the i have cats...

Essential start of your day

Favourite Colour
Red - Vibrant

Gold or Silver 
Silver generally or white gold, not a fan of yellow gold

5'3 1/2

Instruments I play
I played the keyboard/piano in Juniors but soon learn I have no musical ability

Job Title 
Project Designer (quite technical really...) I went to college and everything :)

One day i hope

United Kingdom, in a little county outside London

Mums Name 

Nickname bf calls me Ruby?

Pet Peeve
Rudeness and ignorance.  There is no excuse for it.

Quote from a book 
You accept the love you think you deserve - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Right or left handed 

An older brother

Time you wake up
About 6am for work

A lady never tells :)

Vegetables you dislike 
Hmmm im not a fan of vegetables, bad isn't it

What makes you late
I hate being late and it annoys me when others are late - like why is your time more important than mine? But sometimes it is unavoidable and generally this is down to traffic

Foot when I was younger, nose (I broke it) and currently awaiting jaw surgery (maxiofacial) so tons on my face :) 

Yummy food you make 
I cook a good egg, boiled, fried you name it

zoo Animal 
Gorilla - so funny

Thanks for reading and please do one too and link me so I can read as I would love to know more about you guys.
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  1. Aww, you have cats! I honestly get excited when I find out about other cat owners. haha :p

    I enjoyed reading this. I've just done it too.

  2. @Sarirah Hey thanks for your comments, yes I have 3 cats, all black, we have the mum and her 2 kittens well they are not so much kittens anymore as they are about 11 :) x