Sunday 25 September 2011

Nail Art with NYC Fashion Avenue Fushcia

Hi Girls, 

As my previous blog mentioned I recently purchased some nail varnishes from NYC (New York Colours, that is - not the state :)) I thought I would try them out starting with NYC Fashion Avenue Fushcia.  All I can say right now is...WOW!  This colour cost me £1.79 and although I can't comment on its durability right now, in terms of application this goes beyond my expectations.  Firstly the long cap means that you can get a good, comfortable grip on the brush meaning that you have total control over the application.  The brush is fairly large but not too large in comparison to the likes of Barry M and so forth.  The nail varnish itself just glides on and I found that 1 application was enough to get enough coverage, however I did 2 coats to ensure that it really stood out.  This particular colour is so vibrant and shiny that I cannot fault this product yet, given the price I think its a bargain.  

The added black is from my Poundland Haul detailed below and applied with an obsolete eyeliner brush.  

If you would like a tutorial on this look, please comment below or contact me :)

Thanks for watching - Becky x 

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  1. Hey Becky!!!
    Your nails look great! I love doing nail art and designs. I still need more practice though. Thanks for following my blog. Im following too :)


  2. Thank you for your kind comments...keep up the good work on your blog :)