Monday 26 September 2011

Get Me Gorgeous - Trio Eyes

Good Evening Girls, 

I just thought I would share with you a little eyeshadow palette which I recently purchased.  This is called the "Get Me Gorgeous' Trio Eyes.  Firstly I absolutely adore the packaging.   When I opened the stunning pink shimmery box i was greeted with a 'wolf whistle'.  Yes the box really does wolf whistle at you!  There is clearly some mechanism inside however this kept me amused for several minutes before I even got to the eyeshadow palette!  

The eyeshadows are in sets of 3 colours, each carefully matched so that you can create individual looks by layering different shades or use one block colour.  Personally I like to use a variety of colours on my eyes so this was perfect as they are all matched already for you to use.  There are 15 'sets' and 45 colours altogether.   A majority of the colours are shimmery and vibrant along with neutral and highlighter colours so would suit all skin types as there are so many to choose from.  
The palette is BRIGHT pink and has a large mirror inside which is always handy! In addition to this it comes with 2 double ended eyeshadow applicators however I do not tend to get on well with these and will use my own eyeshadow brushes which are either a BOdy Shop eyeshadow blending brush and a MAC 217 blending brush.

Their website address is  All of their products from what I have seen are reasonably priced and the swatches that I have already done on these shadows are highly pigmented from a first impression.  

As far as I know these are only available in the UK at present though :(

Let me know of any recent bargains you have found...

Becky xx
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Disclaimer - all items mentioned were purchased by me and I am not being compensated in any way for this review this is purely for the benefit of my readers and to let them know about recent products :)


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