Monday 19 September 2011

Pore Cleaner by Betterware UK

So I purchased the Betterware Pore Cleaner from eBay and have been anticipating this arrival since i ordered it.  Despite the low cost of only £1.99 I didn't have high hopes for this product and so far my expectations have been met. 

I just literally used this having come home from work.  I cleansed (using my Clarisonic Mia) and I steamed my face using my MySpa facial steamer.  I'll happily do a review on this steamer should it be requested.  

So now my pores are open, and I run the device which is run by AA batteries across my area.  I am unfortunately blessed with large pores and blackheads which I have been desperately searching for a product that sorts these out as bar doing the usual, cleansing, steaming, squeezing etc nothing wants to budge these stubborn little things.  So the device is a suction, it is hand held and has 2 size nozzles which claim to suck the dirt and grime from your face.  Well it sucked thats for sure, in more ways than one.  Nothing came out and I was left with small circles where I guess I left in the same area for too long...  

Further to this I have researched a little and according to reviews this works better when used in a hot shower so off to the shower I go and I will give you a following review after!

Bye for now - Becky 

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