Thursday 29 September 2011

Day from hell?

Seriously, could my day get any worse.  Firstly I get an irate email from a buyer on eBay as their parcel had not arrived as early as anticipated - they are going on holiday, despite me clearly stating 5 working days within the listing and then my car packs in and I get a quote for £500 to fix it!  As it stands I am waiting on a new car courtesy of my company although that could be another 10 weeks so in the mean time I need a car and have no other option but to get it fixed!  After ranting on the phone to the original garage who failed to notify me of the damage I was literally shaking with anger and frustration that my little car has cost me so much grief!  A glass of wine is needed tonight and its not even Friday...


  1. Hey thanks for the follow! you were my 200th! :D Thankyou so much :) Hope to see you around on there :D
    Lucy x

  2. No problem - I am honoured to be your 200th follower, thats amazing hun!