Wednesday 28 September 2011

Lush Hair Doctor

At the moment I am absolutely in love with Lush.  I first got into  Lush when my boyfriend bought me a gift set one Christmas a few years back which consisted of bath bombs, soaps and other goodies,  All the products smell divine!!! Ever since, I have been visiting the store to check out the latest products.  On a recent visit I came across 'Hair Doctor'.  As a sufferer of a dry scalp this pre wash product claims to eliminate and sooth flaky, dry scalps.  At £5.50 I thought I would give it a go plus Lush offer a free face mask if you return 5 containers so as I am collecting the containers to return this seemed like the ideal opportunity to buy - i know, any excuse :) 

The mask itself is designed to be used prior to washing.  When I first used this I failed to read the instructions and just used it in the shower and that was 1 usage gone...Second time round I was more savvy and read the instructions.  It says to apply to hair and leave for 20 mins.  I did it to dry hair whilst in the bath and massaged in.  Initially there is a cooling sensation and a smell almost like toothpaste. Personally I liked that but if you are not fond of mint then this is not the product for you.  Also if you have a really sensitive scalp then the tingling could be a bit much.

The consistency is quite thick and I found it hard to massage into the scalp due to this as it did not spread too well. The tub recommends that you use half for short hair and a whole one for long however I managed to get 2 usages and I have fairly long hair.  Given the price I feel that this is quite a lot for only one usage.  

After the 20 minutes I then shampooed and conditioned as per usual.  Initially I could see that my scalp was a lot clearer and I was impressed by this however after a few days of normal washing the dryness was back, so although this is good for a short term fix I do not think it stands the test of time in a permanent fix for the problem so I will not be purchasing this again. Although I loved the smell and the sensation its not worth the £5.50 for the 'quick fix' I would rather hold out for a permanent fix.  But please bear in mind that just because this did not work for me does not mean that it won't work for you and it is worth visiting your Lush store and requesting a free sample of this.  


Smells gorgeous (if you like mint)
Lovely cooling sensation on the scalp, feels like it is really doing something 


No long term effect 
price - given that a tub is recommended for my hair length 

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Please note that all products mentioned were purchased by me.  I am not being sponsored in any way shape or form for this review and therefore all opinions are my own and for the benefit of my readers!

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