Sunday 25 September 2011

Saturday 24th September HAUL

Today I went shopping with my lovely boyfriend.  And he definitely has the patience of a saint to stand around Beauty counters and drugstores whilst I hover and browse at the latest i thought I would share with you guys some of my bargains of the day!

1st stop - Poundland - Seriously! Everything a pound???  

It is absolutely shocking (in a seriously good way) the bargains that are right under your nose in this shop and many people bypass it!  I had been looking for a glass jar of somewhat to store cotton buds.  I had looked on eBay and other homeware stores but they were all about £10 and even I thought this was a little much for a jar to make my cotton buds look pretty.  So you can imagine my excitement (yes, over a jar) when I stumbled across this little jar for only £1.00!

I also grabbed 2 sets of 3 nail varnishes.  All for £1 each for the set.  Thats 6 large nail varnishes for £2, now being a nail varnish fanatic thats a serious bargain and I will be sure to do a review later on. I purchased one glitter set which came with 3 x clear nail varnishes with glitter particles in and a superstar set which has a silver, a black and a gun metal colour.  They all came with a small emery board and the nail varnishes are 14ml bottles. 

Next stop - Superdrug

I have recently signed up for their beauty points card.  For every £1 you spend in store you get a point and every point I understand is worth 1p.  Its not as good as the Boots advantage card but seeing as I spend a lot in both of these stores on a yearly basis it was worth it to save throughout the year to use at Christmas etc.  

I have been looking for a black eyeshadow as I recently saw a review whereby it was used as an eyeliner across the top lashes and gave a much more subtle effect.  The eyeshadow used was MAC carbon however this is approximately £11.  I purchased the Bourjois Paris Intense Extrait 10 for £6.99 which claims to have a 16 hour hold and is also hypoallergenic.  I have not tried this on my eyes yet but just by doing a swatch this appears to be highly pigmented and good value for a higher end drugstore eyeshadow.

I have been looking for a stipple make up brush for some time now and I picked one up for £7.98 by QVS and also a dome eyeshadow brush by Revlon for £5.99. The only thing that I did not like was the fact that you could not feel the quality in store as they were well packaged.  Having now got these home I can say that for the price they do feel very high end. The real test will be when I use them, let me know if you would like a brush collection review.

And last but not least in keeping with the nail varnish theme above I purchased some New york colour NYC vanishes.  These again were from Superdrug and were on special offer for buy 3 and pay for 2.  These were £1.79 each and they are 9.7ml bottles.  I actually love the shape and packaging of these as despite being the somewhat cheaper brand they actually look high end.  These are from the 'In a New York Colour Minute' range and claim to be fast drying, which is great for me as I am guilty for smudging the second I apply it!  The colours that I got were Fashion Avenue Fuchsia, Times Square, and Prince Street.  Being a lover of New York, these were perfect for me and came in such vibrant colours which I look forward to trying and showing you! 

So that is it for my Haul this week.  Be sure to follow me via the follow me link above.  If you have any suggestions for future topics please get in touch.  

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  1. Nice haul. I would actually be interested in reading a brush collection review. It bothers me too that you can never feel the quality of the brushes in Superdrug but I guess it's more hygenic that way. :p

    I like your blog and am following now after finding you on Nykki's blog hop. :) xo

  2. Thanks a lot for subscribing - i shall be sure to follow back. I shall also try to do a make up brush review and tour in the coming weeks so keep a look out. x