Monday 26 September 2011

What does make up mean to you?

Today I had a discussion with my work colleagues about make up and one colleague in particular was against women wearing make up, so it go me thinking - what does make up mean to me?  Personally, I do not wear make up in order to cover up what is beneath, I use it to enhance what nature gave me.  I believe that the confidence that make up can give a woman can only be a good thing and if make up and products give a woman confidence then who is anyone to pass judgement?  Make up to me is a representation of my mood and can completely transform my look depending on my mood that day.  

So fellow bloggers, what I really want to ask is - what does make up mean to you?


  1. Makeup to me is my skin being a blank canverse and the makeup the paint and i can myself look like what i want and be who i want just by what my makeup looks likes and i find it funny how people can judge you by what your makeup looks like makeup makes me who i am and what i want to me.

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  2. Great answer - subscribed :) Keep watching for future posts! x