Thursday 16 August 2012

Vintage Gucci & Preparing to move...

Slightly different post today guys. As I prepare to move out of my parents house and into a home with my boyfriend its time to start sorting out all my odds and sods. Yes, its clear out time. But as I was sorting through some stuff I came across this vintage Gucci watch which was given to me by my great aunt some time ago. I guess you could call it vintage almost. It was purchased in 1989 when I was just 5 years old. It's amazing how the styles have changed so much over the years but it still holds the iconic Gucci green and red stripe which if I recall used to be quite a statement on their messenger bags. I am not a big jewellery person on a day to day basis bar a watch and my grandmothers engagement ring which never leaves my side. This style is the classic 18ct gold plated with interchangeable bezels which I believe was rather popular at the time. Its definitely a piece of Gucci history!

Honestly, I have never actually worn this. It needs a re-furb as the battery has died but its still in as good condition as the day it was purchased by my uncle when he was working for Reuters reporting all over the world. I have contemplated selling it in the past as it just sits in my drawer gathering dust but one day i hope to pass it onto my future daughter. 

Do you have any jewellery items you can't bear to part with?