Wednesday 8 August 2012

Products I have used up | Empties

There's something almost therapeutic about finishing a product? Or is this just me? It's like an accomplishment especially when I look at the mountains of products in my collection alone and in one way its testimony that I have enjoyed a product enough to use it all up down to the last drop. Its been a while since my last 'empties' post, and to be honest I am pretty disappointment in myself with the lack of products I have finished. God knows how some of you girls are able to do this on a by-monthly basis. Challenge to myself is to try and use my existing products and not buy any new ones this month. I doubt this will last though I have zero willpower whatsoever but with an forthcoming trip to Paris in a few weeks I am trying hard to save my pennies for a massive french haul! So here are the products I have emptied and accumulated lately!

Ayuuri Body Wash
I got this in a Glossy Box a couple of months back and really enjoyed using it. It smells like coconut and reminds me of holiday's gone by so this was a lovely little product. I have never seen the brand before so I am not sure where I can pick this up again though which is a shame.

Aussie shampoo and 3 minute minute miracle conditioner
I have fallen back in love with this brand and have just stocked up again by making the most of the Boots offer at the moment on 3 Aussie products for a tenner! I do not know why I ever strayed from this brand but my hair has never felt better!

Paul Mitchell Hot off the press
I got this on a whim after my hairdresser used it and I fell in love with the fruity, tropical aroma's. It is a hair protectant spray but comes out like a mist. I am definitely going to pick up another plus a travel size for when I go away when I am next at the hairdressers! This has lasted me an eternity too!

Bioderma H20
Ah a bloggers favourite. I purchased 2 of these from eBay and have literally just finished the 2nd botter. I have been enjoying the Boots No. 7 cleansing water as a good alternative (post here) and I was in two minds as to whether to re-purchase the Bioderma again as its quite pricey having to get it via eBay. But as I am off to Paris at the end of the month I think it would be rude not to pick some up whilst there, right?

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel
I have used this shower gel for what seems like forever. I just love the scent of it, really fruity and refreshing. I am not sure its as moisturising as some shower gels I have tried but its one I always tend to go back to as soon as they are doing offers in The Body Shop as you can usually pick these up fairly cheap!

Percy and Reed Hair Mask
I got this as a freebie a while back with Glamour magazine. I used it a couple of times and then it just sat on my bathroom shelf gathering dust so I thought I should use it up. I did like it, it left my hair feeling softer and smelling rather nice but this retails for about 20 quid and I just do not think its worth it given that you can get the same for so much cheaper.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
I have already re-purchased this. This is my go-to holy grail product. I tend to look for mascara's that give length and hold a curl well rather than volume so this is right up my street. Its not the best for those looking for thickness but if you are looking for definition and length then I highly recommend this. Plus it doesn't budge all day!

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (shade 02 light)
Ah this is such a good concealer for less than a fiver but as I scraped out the last dregs I decided to purchase the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer which I am yet to put to the test so shall keep you posted.

Giorgio Armani Diamonds Eau De Parfum
I have probably gone through about 3 bottles of this stuff. Its definitely a go to perfume so it was a sad day when I used the last squirt of this!

Caudalie Perfume
Another Glossy Box item. This is bloomin' gorgeous. So light and refreshing, the perfect day perfume. I am going to keep a look out for this in France as it was so lovely. I am not usually a fan of samples in beauty boxes but this was a pretty fair sized sample and had a spray atomiser which is a raritity with perfume samples so it was good to throw in the handbag. The empty bottle may also come in handy so watch this space.