Sunday 19 August 2012

Benefit Ultra Plush Lipglosses | Coralista

Who doesn't like Benefit right? cute packaging, check, products that do the business, check, the list goes on. I don't think there has been a time since I got into makeup a long time ago when Benefit has not adorned my collection. It may possibly have been the first higher end brand that I dipped my paws into. 

Lately my collection has been over run with lipsticks bar the odd lipgloss and balm, however in the hot weather I can't be dealing with heavy makeup. So with that in mind I have been reaching for a gloss. My gloss of choice lately has been one of the new Ultra plush Lip-glosses* by Benefit in none other than Coralista.  The Coralista gloss forms part of their new collection launched back in June whereby they released a collection of 6 ultra plush lip glosses to compliment their most popular boxed powders collection.  

Creamy and moisturising this gloss is not one bit sticky which is always a fear of mine when it comes to glosses. The colour is not as pigmented as I had envisaged yet left a glossy soft coral sheen over my smackers! Those of you that like a lot of colour might want to step away as this is more sheer than highly pigmented.  Scent wise it has an almost subtle fruity hue, not overpowering, just pleasant and nice! So if you are a fan of the boxed powders then I highly recommend a quick dash to Benefit to check these beauties out, I already have my eye on Dandelion despite trying to curb my spending :-) 

The new Benefit Ultra plush glosses are available in 6 shades and are retailed at £13.50. 

*PR Sample