Monday 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Brush Cleaning

Like makeup brushes, hair brushes collect dirt and grime so its fair to say that they need a good clean ever now and again.  Its surprising how much grease and products your brushes pick up over time so its imperative that you keep them as clean as possible, no point having nice clean tresses and then putting a dirty brush on them right? If I am honest, I tend to neglect my hairbrushes on the cleaning front (tut tut) but I like to give them a good detox at least once a month. Having hair which can get greasy very quickly means I have to wash every day so its important that I keep my tools as clean as possible. My product of choice for this mundane task is a detoxifying shampoo, harsh enough to get rid of all the gunk but kind enough that its not going to damage the bristles. I like to saturate by brush with hot (ish) water and then add a dollop of shampoo and use my fingers to massage it into the bristles. Its best to remove all the excess hair before doing this or it can get a tad messy. Afterwards just leave to dry naturally as you would your makeup brushes and et-voila nice clean brushes.