Saturday 25 August 2012

Moving out!

So yesterday I turned 28 and finally put down the deposit on a place for my boyfriend and I to call home. Although this is something I have wanted and been looking forward to for a long time its also a scary new chapter in my life which I can't help but worry about albeit be excited for our new adventure. I know it has to happen eventually and as much as I love my parents I can't stay at home forever and sooner or later I have to fly the nest and stand on my own two feet. Perhaps a little later than most people. But all I keep thinking as sad as it may be, is I am really going to miss my mum and the house I have called home for 28 years!

I did not realise until I actually started the process of how much there actually is to do and even though I only have to pack the contents of my tiny room compared to some people having to pack their entire house its still just as stressful. You see we have literally nothing so everything is having to be bought from scratch cue disagreements over the duvet cover and sofa style. On top of all this I have a million and one things to get done at work which means no time to take annual leave at a time when I could really do with it so everything is getting done on a mad panic. So if you do see a lack of posts, its not through neglecting my blog its through sheer stress of realising there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. But fear not I have a few interesting posts on the horizon coming up so please bear with me and in the mean time enjoy this little song which always makes me feel better when times are tough!