Sunday 5 August 2012

Smooth Lips!

Like most people I suffer from slightly dry lips, slathering on the Blistex every evening and resorting to lip scrubs (I personally loved Lush lip scrub for while). But this eventually dried up and I got sick of the messiness of scrubs so whilst enjoying a Lisa Eldridge video one afternoon she introduced me to a trick that she does before applying lipstick and it works a treat. OK so Lisa used the highly acclaimed 8 hour cream which is something I can't justify the investment so out came a tub of my trusty Vaseline. Now, before I have the Vaseline police after me, I am well aware of the lack of moisturising properties found in this and also the ingredients. I have used this for years and plan to do so for a few more. So please don't judge me.

Now let's get started...After I have cleansed and moisturised I tend to still get flakes on my lips. Nothing too major but you know the type that every damn lipstick or stain sticks to meaning you can never achieve a flawless lip. So before applying a full face of makeup I slather on some Vaseline onto said lips. I then go about my makeup routine which usually takes about 10 minutes. Then, before applying any lipstick/balm/gloss or whatever takes my fancy that day I take a cotton bud (q-tip I believe to friends across the pond) and I rub this back and forth, removing all the Vaseline and any dry patches which were there before. And Et voila!, super smooth lips! This is a good trick to do at night before bed and then applying a super rich moisturising balm, one of my favourites being the Blistex intensive moisturiser. Seriously this is ridiculously powerful stuff. When I had jaw surgery, my lips were cracked and dry to the core and this product was the only thing that sorted them out in a couple of days! 

How do you keep your lips smooth?