Monday 30 April 2012

L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil

What can I say about this product after than its bloomin' gorgeous? I bought this on a whim after hearing Anna the ultimate enabler from Vivianna Does Makeup rave about it. After falling onto the skin oil bandwagon I made a cheeky purchase on Feel Unique and a few days later this beauty was in my hands. For £28 you do get a fairly hefty 100ml but considering I am already a quarter of the way through I can see this being an expensive addiction. I was just going to reserve this as part of my favourites but the more I use this the more I feel it deserves a post solely dedicated. 

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The oil formula has been described as having a distinctive marzipan aroma, and I can certainly relate to this by the subtle almond scent. The scent is certainly a grower in my opinion and although it didn't blow me away on first application, every time I use it I love it a tad more. The oil glides effortlessly into my skin without feeling clammy or oily and leaves a very subtle almost dewy glow to the skin. I love the fact that this is a pump as it allows absolute control over the application of the product. When applying to my legs I usually apply directly and then massage all over. The rest of my body i disperse 1 or 2 pumps into the palm of my hand and then rub all over. No need to wait for it try absorb, a couple of minutes and I am good to jump into my PJ's.

I can imagine this looking amazing over the summer slapped onto bare legs for a natural dewy glow. I tend to use this almost immediately after showering and find that it works best when my skin is slightly on the damp side. The results are gorgeous glowing, and hydrated skin. Now this actually promises to tighten and tone the skin which I can't say I have noticed but I will keep you posted on that one as I am not one to turn down a little bottom toning :-). I find this perfect for everyday use as its not too intense but I still dig out my Korres body butter once a week and slap that on for a more intense moisture surge. I have been contemplating getting the shower oil to compliment this which is a slightly more purse friendly £16 so watch this space as I feel another splurge may be due.

L'Occitane supple skin oil is available on the Feel Unique website for £28.