Thursday 3 May 2012

Philosophy The Present Primer

It seems like I am forever on the hunt for the perfect primer. Having oily/combo skin means I am constantly looking for products that counteract the oily areas, stop my makeup from slipping and avoid drying out my skin. I thought I had found that in Benefits Porefessional and whilst I shall always remain loyal to this product there is a new product in town that I have been loving at the minute.

present1 v1present2 v1Philosophy's The Present is described as a clear makeup promising to cover fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture. Whilst the former is not a large problem for myself and my 27 years, the latter is something I have fought with for sometime. The product itself is described as a clear makeup, leaning towards a hybrid of moisturiser and primer. Although it is recommended to be used over an oil free moisturiser I find that it gives the perfect dose of moisture to be used alone. After cleansing and toning I find myself slathering a pea sized amount over my face, waiting a couple of minutes and then applying my foundation. Unlike conventional scentless primers this has a distinctive herbal aroma with subtle tones of lavender which feels pleasantly soothing when applied to the skin. After applying my skin feels noticeably smoother and hydrated and it provides a good canvas for liquid foundation. Whilst this does not omit movement of makeup for the entire day I would say that this has assisted in keeping my foundation in place for a majority of the day. I no longer have to do the lunch time touch up and clean up any areas where the foundation has slipped about. Aside from being an overall amazing product, the only small gripe I can think of with this product is the fact that on opening the product disperses rather readily so be careful or you could have some wasted product on your hands. For a hefty £22 you get  2 oz of product in comparison to the Porefessional 0.75 oz for £23.50. So, if you are looking for a mattifying primer then this is a great go-to product.