Sunday 20 May 2012

Chanel Précision Mousse Exfoliante Pureté Review

Chanel Exfoliante Purete Facial Wash ReviewPhotobucket
To say I was a tad sceptical about purchasing this product is an understatement. When it comes to skincare brands I tend to stick to the generic brands which specialise in skincare alone. With Chanel being a high end, elite brand I tend to categorise them into the makeup and perfume 'group' generally bypassing their skincare range. Priced at a hefty £29 for 150ml of product I was a little wary before buying yet a few weeks ago I found myself in the beauty hall of House of Fraser and just could not resist the urge. 

Forming part of their Précision line the Mousse Exfoliant Pureté is targeted at those with oily to combination skin prone to the odd blemish which is my skin to a tee. If you are a little older, myself being 27 then the ranges available on the skincare market for blemish prone/oily skin can be restricted, being targeted at more of the teenage market. This product just feels that little more mature. Firstly the aesthetics are typical Chanel - simple and classy, something i'd expect to see adorning VB's bathroom cabinet next to the Cremé de la Mar. Aside from the gorgeous packaging, this product actually does the business. The formulation is a thick cream with small micro beads designed to exfoliate the skin and a subtle almost soapy aroma. No herbal fragrances here, which is a shame as I am rather penchant to the likes of Liz Earles herbal scents. After a few trial and errors I have perfected the amount required to that of approximately 1 and a half peas, I tend to rub between my fingers to warm the product slightly and then apply to my damp face. Now when I say this foams, boy does this foam up, but this is something I actually enjoy in a facial cleanser as it feels as though its really doing the job of getting all the gunk out of my skin. As far as exfoliation goes, the beads are so minuscule that you don't even notice they are there which his slightly disappointing so I find removing with a muslin cloth does the exfoliating job in itself. I can find this quite overpowering to use both evening and night as it does leave your skin feeling slightly dry but nothing that a good toner and moisturiser doesn't sort out. My skin has been a lot clearer and smoother whilst the oiliness has reduced significantly. I have been using this alongside the Caudalie  Beauty Elixir and Esteé Lauder ANR as part of my evening routine and so far so good.