Friday 11 May 2012

Blogging, Olympics, Shopping & American Pie

Blogger Catch Up Ah, it feels as though I have not blogged in ages. Which isn't strictly true as my last post was Tuesday. What with it being a 4 day week this week it seems to have gone on for what seems like forever. So, I guess this post is what you could call a little blogger catch up time so to speak. Its been almost 6 weeks since I returned to work after jaw surgery and this week for some reason has caught up on me and whereas usually I will be raring blog the minute my key enters the door after work, this week for some reason I have been uber tired so have spent most of my evenings chilling reading some blogs and generally enjoying a little me time. It was not helped by the fact my camera died on me mid uploading photos which was a tad annoying to say the least, but it is safely on charge now and normal posts will resume this weekend. 

Last Saturday my boyfriend Chris and I took a trip to London for the opening of the new Olympic park. Unfortunately we could not enter as it was tickets only but we got a sneaky glimpse and it seems to all be coming together. I am not a sports fan whatsoever but I think its once in a lifetime event for the Olympics to be in your own capital city so I am enjoying watching all the preparations. I can safely say I shall be avoiding London throughout this time as it will be absolute chaos and its busy enough at the best of times. Whilst in London I got to go to the amazing Westfields shopping centre in Stratford. Although its a new shopping center its by far my favourite I have been to so far purely due to the amount of High Street and High End shops available. Chris had to literally drag me past Mulberry as I am still after their Hobo bag as featured in my latest lust list (post here). After London we went to see American Pie the reunion. I am a big American Pie fan and remember going to see all the originals when I was at school with my best mate Lauren so it was good to see all the old cast back together for one last time - I highly recommend. This weekend I think is going to be a bit about the same. I will probably catch up on some shopping with Chris and maybe  go to the cinema, as we are unlimited card holders we seem to be there more than the staff these days. So I apologise for slightly rambling in this post, and the fact it had no actual purpose but I think its nice to do a little one on one personal post now and again to let you know the goings on in my life. Let me know if you like these types of posts.