Tuesday 15 May 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo/Conditioner

John Frieda Full Repair Review Looking for a volumising shampoo I was instinctively drawn to the Ojon range as so many people had been banging on about its miraculous properties. A quick look at the price tag and I shuddered though. Being someone that washes their hair almost everyday I could not justify the 20 odd quid price tag given the amount of bottles I get through, and thats not even taking into account conditioner as well. Saving it for special occasions just wasn't going to cut it either as I wanted a fix now. So I traipsed off to town, boyfriend in tow to see what offerings they had. Whilst in Superdrug I saw that John Frieda had released a new line called Full Repair. This promised full body whilst repairing hair from heat and colour damage. Being someone guilty of both offences this ticked all the right boxes and having enjoyed John Frieda products in the past I picked up the shampoo and conditioner for roughly a tenner. 

The shampoo lathers well, has a pleasant refreshing, almost salon like aroma. and the conditioner compliments it well. Its thick enough to distribute evenly but washes out well so I am not left with residue. So far so good. The first thing I noticed after blow-drying my hair was how clean my hair felt. The roots actually felt slightly lifted as though they had been weighted down beforehand with left over products. Now don't get me wrong this is not going to give you an immediate Cheryl Cole bonce, volume takes work, hard work and  a shampoo alone is not going to achieve that. But what I will say is that the overall condition of my hair has somewhat improved and this is through a weeks worth of use using almost every day. As I tend to get a slightly dryer scalp I am always wary with different shampoos and don't get me wrong I will always hold a torch for The Body Shop rainforest range which I always go back to when I need a back to basics routine but this didn't irritate my scalp whatsoever. Unfortunately for me my hair and scalp tends to get used to products and then the products stop being so effective after a while. To solve this I usually add a few alternative products to the mix and the rotate them on a fortnightly basis so if you know of any other reasonably priced volumising shampoos then hit me up in the comments box below :-).