Saturday 5 May 2012

Caudalie Paris Beauty Elixir Review

Caudalie new
Nothing new here lovelies, if you have been keeping up with the blogging world as of late then you will be fully aware of the miraculous product that is Caudalie Beauty Elixir.  Inspired by the 'elixir of youth' used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, it promises to smooth features, tighten pores and provide an instant burst of radiance. Described as almost a hybrid between a toner and a moisturiser I opt to use this after cleansing, spritzing 2-3 sprays onto my face and inhaling the strong peppermint aromas which I find just as refreshing as the mist itself. The 30ml bottle is small enough to be handbag friendly allowing me to throw in my bag and freshen up throughout the day. Allegedly Victoria Beckham has been quoted as enjoying this product, using on top of her makeup for a glowing complexion. From a personal perspective this is not going to have any long term skin benefits that I have experienced but this is the perfect antidote for a luxury pick me up after cleansing. When it comes to skin care I can be a tad impatient so anything that gives an instant result is right up my street and this provides just that. Just a couple of spritz and my face is almost instantly refreshed and revitalised giving a dull complexion a new lease of life and providing the perfect canvas for my moisturiser. So, if you have a spare tenner lying around then I do suggest that you head over to Feel Unique and pick up a bottle of this little beaut and try for yourself :-).