Friday 25 May 2012



Its that time of the month again whereby I lust over things I really should not purchase but I am going to   do so regardless. #1 on the list today is the new expert face brush by Real Techniques. I have fallen in love with their brushes along with a mass of other bloggers and now own a plethora of them. Reasonably priced, high quality and do the business these tick all the right boxes when it comes to makeup brushes and I think a lot of high end brands have finally met their match. #2 is the Zara shopper bag. This has fast become a celeb favourite. A lot of people went mad for the messenger bag and yes I was tempted but this is just the epitome of sophistication. #3 is the Alpha H liquid gold. I have seen a lot of hype around this little skin miracle yet am awaiting the mass of reviews before I splurge my cash on it. #4 are these gorgeous sandals from Zara again. I think Zara has fast become a blogger favourite and their collections are spot on at the moment. I tried these on in store but reluctantly did not purchase but I might have to have a cheeky spend before they are not in stock.