Friday 15 June 2012

Evening Skincare Routine

It has taken me some time to achieve an evening routine that I am happy with but I think I have finally got there - for the time being. You see, I chop and change all the time, testing new products, getting rid of duds and so forth that I tend to use a medley of products in the evening. Evenings are 'me' time. After a long day at work all I want to do is have dinner, run a relaxing bath and give my skin a thorough cleanse to  rid of all the gunk from throughout the day. I think skincare is such a personal thing and what works for me may not work for you guys so please bear this in mind when I mention the products. This is just what works for me at the moment. 

First step is to remove all traces of makeup using Bioderma and several cotton pads. This has to be by far the most effective makeup remover I have tried without drying my skin out. I then move onto a deep cleanse using the Chanel Pureté. My skin definitely feels squeaky clean after using this. I will use the Clarisonic Mia about 2 times a week, always in the evening, I find this gives my skin a real boost. Once I have got all the dirt and grime off I need to start putting some good back in, I am loving the Alpha H liquid gold at the moment and have definitely seen an improvement in blemishes, not that I suffered with spots as such, but you know the marks you get over time from previous spots and uneven skin tone etc. I will then spritz a generous amount of Caudalie Beauty Elixir in my hands and press into the skin. After this has dried I will do the same with the Esteé Lauder ANR. Little tip for you girls, try and press the products into the skin rather than rub, I believe I got this tip from the queen herself that is Lisa Eldridge :-). I always try to remember an eye cream but sometimes, I am only human after all, I do forget...but I have been enjoying the Esteé Lauder ANR eye cream which I got as a sample size 5ml. Let me tell you I have had this since March, 3 months and have not so much as touched the bottom. If you can get a sample of this then I highly recommend it. Finally if I do have any active spots then I dab a small amount of Origins super spot remover. No it doesn't eliminate the spot overnight but reduces the redness and makes it more manageable to cover in the morning. You have probably noticed I bypass an important step. Moisturiser right! Well having slightly oily skin means that I find that the Esteé Lauder ANR provides enough moisture. If I feel that my skin needs a little more hydration then I usually slap on an oil, either the Clarins Lotus oil or Sanctuary Facial oil is a good cheaper alternative. 

See below for a full list of the products mentioned, click the links for prices etc.