Saturday 2 June 2012

Boots No. 7 Brow Pencil

Boots No. 7 Brow PencilBoots No. 7 Brow Pencil Brown/BlackIn my last post I mentioned how I purchased the No. 7 brow pencil from Boots to tide me over until I could get my usual Clinique pencil. I am  going to try and keep this short and sweet as I just wanted to share my thoughts on this. Luckily I was able to get this at a bargain price of only £3 thanks to a lovely Boots sales advisor and a £5 voucher. Had I spent the full £8 then I think I would of been a little miffed! Firstly I like the fact it has a spooly on the end as I did need one of these and it adds a nice touch. My usual body shop brow brush just wasn't cutting it and to be frank the end had fallen off and was just a little shabby these days. The colours available were very limited so I opted for black/brown as this was the closest I could find without being too dark or verging on jet black. I got to work yesterday morning with this and what struck me most was how waxy the formulation was meaning that it didn't gently fill in the areas needed but left a nasty coat over the brows that were already there, because of this formulation it was hard to work with. The colour had a slight orangey tone to it which is quite concerning as this is classed as a black/brown. I would certainly match this to more red headed ladies as opposed to dark brunette like myself. Now don't get me wrong this lasted all day without budging however you could see that I was wearing brow pencil as opposed to the natural finish I achieve with my Clinique. In a nutshell I was a tad disappointed with this product yet for £3 I did get a rather nifty brow brush that works pretty darn well so all is not lost. In general I am a fan of the No. 7 range and I do think that a majority of their products are spot on its just a shame this product didn't work for me, thats not to say it wont work for others though :-).