Thursday 29 March 2012

Purity One-step Facial Cleanser by Philosophy

Purity one-step cleanser by Philosophy is an all in one cleanser claiming to replace your makeup remover, cleanser and toner by deeply cleaning the pores whilst melting away makeup and hydrating the skin.  Whilst my love for Liz Earle cleanse and polish has not faltered I had been looking for something more substantial to use in the evening for a deeper cleanse alongside my Clarisonic and this seemed perfect. It has a lightweight formulation with subtle almost soap like aromas. Used alongside the Clarisonic, a small pea size amount creates a frothy formula and leaves my skin feeling completely cleansed.

I tend not to use this alone to remove makeup as I do not believe that I have come across any cleanser that can remove all traces of makeup in one sweep without the need to double cleanse, hence why I remove my makeup first with my Bioderma H2O Sensibio and a couple of cotton pads. After using this I find my oily/combo skin does tend to feel a tad dry and tight in comparison to when I use the Liz Earle but once toned and moisturised I am good to go. I have only been using this in the evenings for a deeper cleanse whilst favouring the Liz Earle in the morning. If your skin is a little on the dryer side you might want to avoid this, despite it being recommended for all types it could leave you a little dryer. The only negative drawback I can find is the price which is a hefty £17.50 for a 240ml bottle and for this alone I am not sure whether I would purchase it again. As for results I have noticed that my skin has not broken out in a while but I am not convinced that it is directly a result of this product alone and more of a combination of new products and routines which I have been trying but I have  and will continue enjoying using this...