Saturday 3 March 2012

Magazine Freebies!

So my boyfriend and I took a little trip into town today, and I picked up a couple of mags to entertain me tonight whilst he goes out with the boys :) I thought I would share with you the awesome freebies. Company and Glamour have done good (again). 

Next is Glamour. I love Glamour mag, keeps me quiet for a few hours per month...this is probably what I am mostly excited about, it is a full size hair treat from Percy and Reed London. You get to choose either a shampoo, conditioner, finishing polish, or mask. I chose the mask as my hair is a right 'mare at the moment so anything that can get it back to good condition is worth a shot. I will keep you posted on  this products. This mag is £2 per month which is incredible considering I read it from cover to cover. If you were to spend £8 on all products it would be £43 worth of products which is pretty good going. I think Glamour always come up trumps with their freebies :)

Have you got these and will you be purchasing? If so, what did you get?