Sunday 25 March 2012

Boots 17 Blemish Balm

When it comes to foundations I guess you could call me a teeny bit of 'snob' favouring higher end brands such as Estee Lauder over drugstore brands. This is not saying that I think drugstore brands lack quality, I just tend to find that they have a less extensive colour range compared to the former and for that reason I opt for the more expensive. However with that in mind and with summer approaching I like to give my skin a little breather as hot weather plus thick foundation is not a good combo nor a good look which is why summer sees me favouring towards tinted moisturisers and the like. Now, BB creams, blemish balms, beauty balms or whatever you want to call them have been in the beauty market for some time now and it seems that everywhere you look almost every brand has their own version ranging from affordable drugstore to higher end merchants.

Whilst in Boots though I spotted their 17 range had released one, and at a very affordable £6.99 I was intrigued so picked up a box. The plain black packaging does not scream high end, plain and simple but not bad. For £6.99 you get 30ml of product which is pretty good although there is rather a lot of air in the tube but then this often is the case with these type tubes.

Promoted to cover, enhance and protect the skin with an SPF 15 it promises to give the ultimate flawless finish. There are 2 colours available either light or medium which is a little disappointing for darker skinned ladies. I picked the medium, although whilst it was a fairly precise match for my skin at the moment, it was very light. I can only imagine what the light version was like. Considering this was bought for summer it is not going to be any use once my skin is tanned. 

The formulation however was good, neither too thick nor runny and blended/absorbed into my skin well. It gave a medium coverage, more of a coverage than I was expecting which was quite pleasing. Although if you are an EL 'double wear' type of girl then you perhaps aren't going to like this for the fact it does not have the power to cover blemishes completely without the need for concealer. As for durability, this wore off in only a couple of hours which was a bit of a pain, although it wore off in a natural way rather than a patchy 'look i'm wearing makeup' kind of way. I personally think this product is good for girls on a budget that want minimal light coverage without breaking the bank. If you are fortunate to be able to get a good colour match from the limited range then this would be perfect to slap on during the summer when you aren't brave enough to go completely bare faced but want some coverage.

Boots 17 BB cream is available online by clicking here or in-store for £6.99 and it is currently in the 3 for 2 offer on cosmetics.

I just want to say Thank You for your patience over the weekend during Sport Relief whereby I took part in the Blog blackout from Friday as part of Best British Bloggers on line mile. If you are not aware of what sport relief is then please visit my post by clicking here.