Thursday 8 March 2012

Whats in my bag?

Evening Beauties,

I know this tag has been floating around the blogosphere and YouTube for like forever so I thought it was about time I got my act together and joined in with you and shared the contents of my bag. In comparison to others I have seen I carry very little, which is probably the Virgo in me, I like to keep things as neat and minimalist as realistically possible. So with that said, here we go...Enjoy :)

My bag is the bergamo tote bag from Oasis. It is still in store, click here to buy. It has a detachable long strap which is perfect for shopping and it is big enough to fit my MAC book in should I need to travel with it, I love it!

I am sure you can all see the contents but for consistency I am going to list them.

1. Nurofen Express (been a bloody godsend these last few weeks)
2. Tissues (pretty generic)
3. House and car keys
4. Makeup Bag
5. Kindle
6. Notebook and pen
7. DKNY Purse - a birthday present from my lovely mum last year
8. Comb and hairband
9. Handcream and sanitiser (a must!)

So, starting with my keys. First we have my car keys, I drive a Peugeot 308 active in black. It is a company car, I am not rich enough to be swanning around in a brand-new car although it is mine for the next 5 years and I love it!

The Hollywood star keyring I got from Hollywood in 2010. I did Vegas and Hollywood with my boyfriend and it was A-mazing, highly reccomend Vegas. The Corfu keyring was a present from my best friend and the 'R' diamante was a birthday present from my brother.

My Kindle was a present from my lovely boyfriend and you would not believe my excitement when I got this! It comes everywhere with me for moments when I am waiting around, lunch breaks etc. I have just downloaded The Hunger Games since hearing such good reviews - I need to get my ass in gear though and read it sharpish before the film comes out!

Unfortunately I don't have a fancy makeup bag and just use this standard Dermalogica one that came with a Glossy Box but it does the trick. I am on the hunt for a mesh one for ease of finding things so if you know where I can get one please let me know :)

I just kind of let this pour out and do its own thing so hopefully its clear enough! Again for consistency I will write a little list, although it is pretty darn clear :)

1. Hiding in the far left corner is a small Boots mascara. This isn't my usual mascara but it fits nicely in here and is handy to have on hand for touch ups etc.
2. A variety of lip balms. I can never be without one and usually have several on hand. My latest favourite is the cocoa butter lip butter which smells and tastes bloody lovely!
3. Tweezers. Someone at work asked me for some tweezers once for a splinter and I didn't have some so since that day I have carried them with me. You never know...
4. Pressed powder. I rarely touch up during the day TBH but its nice to have something just in case, this is just a cheap one from Asda so I am not too fussed if it gets damaged in my bag which is what generally happens after a while.
5. Nail file. Just because.
6. Eyelash curlers. Again this is quite random but you never know.
7. Travel Flo Atomizer. I currently have Hugo Boss in it which was a new present from my mum for Crimbo. It needs filling up. This is a little gem though.

Well thats about it. As you can see I don't carry tons around with me. I have noted that I have not put my phone on here which is an iPhone 4 which I am sure you all know what looks like. I like to keep my bag fairly tidy and organised as thats just me.

I hope you enjoyed this tag post, I tag all those that have not done this to do it and please leave your links below if you have/do as I would love to read them. Leave your comments below as I do read and reply to every single one of them, plus it makes my day :)

Becky xxx