Thursday 22 March 2012

Facial Detox with The Sanctuary

Every now and then my skin needs a good detox and I find that by making time for this at least once a week, usually at the weekend, my skin will thank me in the long run. So it was about time that I shared with you my most recent skincare treat which has been keeping my skin in tip top condition. I can't take all the cred for this, I first learnt about the Santuary Facial Oil From and how it can work wonders under a heated mask. So I hot footed it to Boots and picked up these little beauties. 

The facial oil is a lightweight oil which can be applied under moisturiser or mixed with your usual moisturiser. As a sufferer of slightly oily skin I was a little skeptical about applying oil to my face for fear of looking like a complete grease ball, but it actually has the opposite effect. My skin looks positively glowing after using it. I don't tend to use this every single day, just on occasions when my skin looks a little 'meh' in the morning and needs more of a pick me up than usual. What I have been doing though is teaming it with The Sanctuary's 5 minute thermal detox mask, a self heating charcoal treatment designed to clean and purify the skin.

After cleansing my skin and sporadically steaming it when I have the time, I apply the facial oil all over my face resisting the urge to rub into the skin. I then use an old foundation brush to apply the mask over the top. Due to the oil it can be difficult to get an even covering of the mask over the top hence why using a brush helps to achieve this. The mask instructs that it is applied to damp skin to allow the self heating properties to work but it works all the same with oil. You can feel the mask gradually heating and drawing out all the nasty stuff. If you are like me then you will find this process really relaxing. After 5-10 minutes I remove this with a muslin cloth, due to the oil barrier the mask slips off easily with no mess unlike the clay like masks which can be a nightmare to remove. A quick splash of cool water and I am good to go, I then finish with my usual night-time regime, speaking of which has recently had an over-haul, post to come soon. I find this really does do my skin a wonder of good, it definitely feels really clean and looks more plump and refreshed than usual.

You can buy both the Facial Oil and The 5 Min Thermal Detox mask from boots by clicking here.